Genshin Impact Amakumo Depths Ruins Guide

Genshin Impact Amakumo Depths Ruins Guide

Greetings Travelers, today we’ll be looking at a guide to getting some of the treasures of the ruins hiding within the Amakumo Depths on Seirai Island.

First of all, it’s highly recommended you complete the Seirai Stormchasers quest chain, as this will get rid of the Bale Thunder surrounding the island. If you need a guide for that, we have one here. With a clear path, you’ll head to the crater in the middle of the island, heading to the very back in the south. You should find a 3×3 stone grid that you can illuminate by stepping on the squares. In the image below, you’ll see my finished puzzle for reference, but I can still give the solution.

The squares are either on or off for the solution, going from top to bottom.

On | Off | On
Off | On | Off
Off | Off | On

Once you finish that puzzle, some of the water will drain from the middle, revealing a few enemies surrounding the hole leading deeper into the caves below. Take a moment to weed out the enemies, then drop down.

Next to a large stone pillar, you’ll see another switch and a treasure chest near it. You’ll need to take out the enemies nearby to activate the switch and get your loot. After that, more water will drain, letting you go deeper into the cave. There’ll be a large red gate, a red switch next to it, and a little further to the right is a treasure chest.

Go claim the loot, then activate the red door and head inside. Be sure to keep following the Seelie as you go through this; it adds to the reward at the end.

Inside, you’ll look to the left before going up the stairs. There’s a yellow door you can unlock, then head in there to activate a red switch inside.

Leave the room and hit the yellow switch again on your way to climbing up the stairs. Follow the path until you reach a room with a yellow switch and a set of stairs on the right.

Head up the stairs, then at the end of that path is a red switch and a yellow door. Hit the red switch, then leave the room via a drop-off point on the south wall. This will drop you into a room that links back to the yellow switch from earlier, near the stairs. Hit that, then climb back up the drop-off room’s wall to get to the upper floor and continue forward.

For this next segment, you’ll wind up at a hallway with a blue gate on the left and a yellow gate on the right.

Keep following the path forward, pass a red gate, go up a flight of stairs, then you’ll find a red switch in the back of the room. Activate the switch, head downstairs and you’ll notice that the red gate is open now. Head inside that room and activate the blue switch, and take note of the yellow gate in this same room. We’ll be unlocking that in just a second. Head back out, then head back up the stairs and look behind you.

Inside that room is a yellow switch. Hit that, then head back downstairs to the red gate room you unlocked earlier. You can now go through the yellow gate and the blue gate in the hallway from earlier.

Now you can go through there and up some stairs to where a blue gate is now unlocked. There’ll be a Luxurious Chest next to a blue gate and switch.

But wait, there’s more! Activate that switch and you’ll see the water drop even more in the main cave. At the bottom there will be a Luxurious Chest, a Precious Chest, and, if you’ve been following those Seelies throughout the ruins, you’ll get an extra Common Chest. That’s all for this guide on the Amakumo Depths Ruins, but stay tuned for more Genshin Impact guides and news.

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