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Neon Doctrine | Devilated

As a massive indie fan, I’m a bit ashamed to reveal that The Indie Houses event totally escaped my notice. Until today, that is. Thanks to the folks at Neon Doctrine, I can share a few games revealed at the beginning of the weeklong The Indie Houses event. Additionally, those interested can recap the day 1 presentation at the very end of this article.

Neon Doctrine | Lost Castle

Before that, let’s touch on the latest reveals from the folks at Neon Doctrine. They have 6 games to share today. Some were just recently announced, others are brand new DLC and one is even a free demo. I’ll list the titles below alphabetically, along with handy individual trailers. And be sure to stick around til the very end for The Indie Houses trailer!

Devilated is a first person adventure. You’re locked in a maze full of dangerous monsters. All you have at your disposal are a weapon in each hand and superspeed powers. It kind of strikes me as a Steampunk DOOM. It’s available now on Steam Early Access. But it’s coming in 2022 to PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X|S. You can see how it plays for yourself in the trailer below.

Jack Axe is a fast paced Steam platformer about a Viking girl with an axe. You can play it yourself in Jack Axe: The Trial. It’s a speedrunning platformer, and those that do the very best will get immortalized in the full game as a character! Check it out below.

Though it’s true Lamentum is officially out today, it’s still a game worth looking into. Explore a decrepit and dangerous manor in an attempt to save your wife. This harrowing horror adventure is available on Steam, Switch, Sony and Xbox.

I had the joy of previewing The Legend of Tianding on Steam recently. Now it finally has a release date of October 27th! It’s a frenetic and stylish platformer full of combat. And it’s coming to Steam and Switch. Check out the martial arts mayhem in the trailer below.

Lost Castle is a big title for Neon Doctrine, and the final DLC arrives today. It adds a ton of new content to the game, including new weapons and armor, dangerous foes and massive bosses. Enjoy it all on PC, Switch and PS4.

Finally, lush Metroidvania Vigil: The Longest Night gets a brand new DLC called Asomrof today. It adds two new DLC maps. One for the Purple Crystal Catacombs and the other for The City of Roots. Face dangerous new creatures and destroy monstrous bosses. Enjoy it today on Epic, Steam and Switch.

Finally, be sure to watch The Indie Houses trailer below!

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