How To Solve The TV Puzzle In Tormented Souls

Tormented Souls Guide: How To Solve the TV Puzzle and Obtain The Sun Necklace

Tormented Souls TV puzzle


Upon entering the mirror in the Sewer Supply Room, you’ll find yourself whisked away to Caroline’s room, hundreds of miles away from the mansion. There’s a television here, but it’s inoperable without first obtaining the missing dial.

You’ll find the TV dial in the sewers atop a barrel submerged in water. To reach this area, exit the Sewer Supply Room and cross the small bridge. Walk along the path and cross over the next bridge that leads to the tunnel. Upon exiting the tunnel, head to Caroline’s left (towards the camera), then proceed across the two metal walkways. Follow that path and you’ll find a valve that you can activate to drain the water in the area.

Tormented Souls TV puzzle


With the water now drained, proceed down the nearby stairs and retrieve the TV dial. Now, make your way back to the Sewer Supply Room and pass through the mirror to return to Caroline’s Room.

Now, use the dial on the television. The TV will alternate between static and images giving you clues to which numbers they represent. Using the latest entry from Anna’s diary that shows the safe combination, we’re able to deduce what we need to do from here.


How To Solve The TV Puzzle in Tormented Souls



  • Starting with the dial on the Ying Yang, turn the dial eight times to the right to the spider.
  • Next, turn the dial left five times until you reach the four-leafed clover.
  • Now, turn the dial seven times to the right seven times to the tricycle.
  • Lastly, turn the dial to the left four times to reach the die.


If you enter the combination correctly, the TV will explode and you’ll be able to collect the Sun Medal from the shattered screen. Now, exit Caroline’s Room and return to the Sewer Supply Room. Interact with the handle on the safe on the table you’ll see that it’s no longer locked. Opening it up will reveal the Moon Medal. Combine the two, and you’ll be able to use them to open the hidden passage in the Children’s Room.

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