Genshin Impact 2.1 Livestream Reveals

Genshin Impact 2.1 Livestream Reveals


Hello Travelers! The 2.1 Twitch Livestream for Genshin Impact has concluded, and there’s a plethora of new events, characters, and more to take a look through, so let’s get started!

First and foremost, here are the special livestream redeem codes:

  • CB7UU6KT2H59


Next, we get to see some more elaborate shots of the two new islands we’ll be visiting. The first of the bunch is Watatsumi Island, home to the Resistance and Kokomi’s coral-decorated palace. The second location is the thunderstruck island of Seirei, home to dangerous lightning storms and hosting a collection of floating rocks being pulled into an immense vortex.

Now for the character banners, which have been revealed to have the Electro Archon ready as the first banner of 2.1, with Kokomi coming after her. The weapon banners to go along with the two will feature Engulfing Lightning followed by Everlasting Moonglow.

There’s also been some verification on information regarding Aloy’s dropping in on Teyvat. All of the details there correspond with the leak piece we’ve done before, which you can visit here.

The next Archon Quest will be dropping as well, called Omnipresence Over Mortals. From a fight between the Electro Archon and Kazuha to a visit from Scaramouche, there’s much to see for this quest.

For the events, there’s going to be several to keep in mind. The most important of the bunch is the anniversary of the game’s release, called Passage of Cloud and Stars, a login event that’ll earn us Mora, Hero’s Wit, Mystic Enhancement Crystals, and, most importantly, 10 Intertwined Fates.

Next will be the covering some of the stuff for the Moonchase Festival, one of these parts of the festival being the Moonlight Merriment story-based event, focused on a journey with Keqing and Xiangling traveling to find the origins of the Moonchase Festival, while taste-testing the best of the best for festival food and meeting up with a bunch of Liyue locals in the process. There’ll be a fighting part of the event as well, where submitting some tasty dishes will grant buffs for fights with enemy camps. You’ll also get to collect some new Mystmoon chests across Liyue and gather some Moonchase Charms as well for part of the Moonchase Festival. The best part is the cumulative rewards, which will culminate in Genshin’s greatest weapon yet: The Luxurious Sealord, a frozen fish that is treated as a greatsword.

We’ll be seeing the official reveal of the fishing minigame, and a corresponding event called Lunar Realm, an event where we’ll be fishing for the Lunar Leviathan, guided by the local expert fisherman of Inazuma, Kujirai Momiji.

There’s going to be a tag-team combat arena called Hyakunin Ikki, where you’ll have six sets of two characters you can hot swap mid-fight as you take on waves of enemies. You’ll get to use a collection of buffs you can set up pre-battle as well.

Lastly, for the events, we’ll be having the Spectral Secrets Expedition event, where completing certain expeditions will yield some Primogems. Adding to this, certain characters will earn extra rewards from those expeditions.

Unique to this version is a real-life event, called Engraved Wishes, where Travelers can submit a message for the Anniversary of Genshin Impact. Some of these messages will be selected to be engraved into little blocks that will be assembled into a statue of Paimon. So if you wanna leave your own special mark on Genshin Impact’s history, here’s your chance!

That’s the gist of what to look forward to for 2.1. If you want to check out the premiere for yourself, the Youtube link is down below. Until next time, this is Traveler Cory, signing off!

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