Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus Article Overview

Genshin Impact Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders Article Overview

Hello, Travelers. Today we’re looking at an overview for the recently debuted article revolving around the second round of Theater Mechanicus, Genshin Impact’s earliest minigame that debuted during the Lanturn Rite Festival last year. I’ll be briefly going over the basics, while emphasizing the new stuff for those returning to the fray. Let’s get into it!

For those uninitiated, Theater Mechanicus is a real-time tower defense strategy minigame that debuted last year. You are plopped into an arena with an entry point for enemies and a gate on your side that you have to keep encroaching enemies from getting to. Now, all that said, you can’t physically damage these enemies. You can apply Elemental effects to them, and, should you have Anemo users, “displace” them by yeeting them off nearby ledges. Beyond that, you need to rely on defense turrets you can place in certain places to damage them, whether through raw damage or through Elemental Reactions. You’ll earn Venificus Points as you defeat enemies to upgrade your towers, purchase more towers and extras, and activate mechanisms in the dungeons. You also have an overall level for the minigame that, as you play and level up, you unlock more towers to use and buffs you can get. This is the gist of the whole minigame, which has a surprising amount of depth. As of this iteration of it, you’ll need to be Adventure Rank 30 and have completed the Ritou Escape Plan quest.

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the newer material that’ll be debuting in this version of Theater Mechanicus. First of all, is two new tower types.

Next is a unique feature called Wondrous Stick, which is something you can spend Venificus Points on and it’ll give you a randomized trio of buffs to choose from. You can unlock more buffs for you to be able to choose from by leveling up your Mechanicus Mastery.

You can start this event and get a tutorial on what to expect by talking to Komokata in Inazuma City.

That’s all for this overview of the Theater Mechanicus: Stage of Wonders article. This fun reprisal of the Theater Mechanicus minigame will be brought back on the 12th of August. You can read the full article here. Excited for more minigame fun to break up the gameplay? Let us know in the comments below. ‘Til next time, this is Traveler Cory, signing off!



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