Futuristic Roguelike Critadel Coming Q4 2021

Explore Babel in Roguelike Platformer Critadel


Critadel | Featured

Today’s news is sure to be welcome for my fellow roguelike fans. Nicalis and developer Pixelian Studio today have announced roguelike platformer Critadel is coming to PC and Switch in Q4 of 2021. Besides boasting really attractive pixel art, it also has near infinite adventure as you explore the Tower of Babel. Below is a quick description of the premise:

Critadel | Shoot

Critadel is a futuristic platformer/shooter/roguelike in which players run, jump and blast through the convoluted pathways and secret chambers of a giant mechanical tower. A 360° aiming cursor allows ranged attacks in any direction. Enemies include deadly bosses and minions of the “Order of Noah,” an evil faction that has seized control of the tower and seeks to recover ancient knowledge that can grant eternal life.

Critadel | Boss

I have to say, the visual style of Critadel really appeals to me. It looks like it could be from the SNES or even GBA era of gaming. You’ll play as one of three different characters in the game. Nox the fighter, Ahnushu the cultist and Alice the android. Each has a distinct playstyle, and tons of unique upgrades and weapons to choose from. And if exploring the deadly Tower isn’t enough for you, there’s also multiple difficulties and a boss rush!

Critadel | Fortress

From what little I’ve seen so far, Critadel looks quite fun. You can see for yourself by watching the official trailer below. Or you can check out the official website. Either way, stay tuned to HPP for more news about this upcoming roguelike adventure from Nicalis.

Josh Speer
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