Girls Frontline 2021 Developer Livestream Highlights

Girls Frontline Events, T-Dolls, and More, Revealed at 2021 Developer Livestream

Greetings, Commanders. Today we’ll be looking over some of the highlights of the 2021 Developer Livestream Team Mica put out for Girls Frontline today. A lot of this is untranslated, and as I don’t speak the native tongue for the stream, I can only make out bits and pieces that we’ll be going over. There’s going to be quite a bit of speculation, and anything I really couldn’t get much detail on, I omitted and encourage you to watch the stream and feel free to post your speculations down in the comments below. This is also definitely all subject to change as time goes on, and we get this stuff on global release, so keep that in mind.

The next major event for the story, Poincare Recurrence, has been revealed, and with it, some new mechanics to check out.

First of all, are some runways that are going to be destroyable. What units will make use of these is unknown, but later footage showed it immobilizing enemy units that were on the airstrip when it was destroyed. The second new system looks to be a mid-map teleportation system set to teleport to fixed points.

Paradeus is also going to be seeing some tasty reveals, showing off some new units, a large cannon, and what appears to be a boss unit for the organization.

Next up for news, we have a teaser for a Va-11 Hall-A rerun! This and the Glory Day rerun are marking a really good trend for Team Mica. There are a few collaborations that I missed out on due to being so new to the game that I imagine several other new Commanders didn’t get to experience either. Now, if only we could get that Guilty Gear/Blazblue collaboration to go for a rerun.

Up next is a look at some changes for Theater Mode. There’s a lot going on in the text, but what I’m gleaning from this is they’re adding a boss rush mode and something akin to an arena. Some of this is reminding me of Honkai Impact’s Memorial Arena, but again, this is all subject to change over time.

We’ve also got some Live2D content for the post-DigiMind Upgrades for HK416, UMP9, Gr G11, and RO635. I’m unsure if they are just automatically included when they’re post-upgrade or if you need to purchase them separately. I’m leaning more towards the former. At least, I’d certainly hope that’d be the case.

Next, we have what looks like a pity system for selected T-Dolls. From the numbers on the interface, it looks like 120 pulls, and you’ll get the T-Doll you’re shooting for. Considering how easy it is to farm Production Contracts, this is a pretty lenient system and a much-appreciated way to finally get some of those more stubborn T-Dolls fished out of the pool.

Now for a wild one, it looks like we’re getting some kind of PvP minigame. With that colorful background, I almost want to say it looks like it’s going to be part of the upcoming collaboration with Dropkick on My Devil.

We’ve got some new dolls coming in! Two four stars and three five stars, looking to be SMGs, ARs, and one MG.

There’s also a new trailer for the Girls’ Frontline Anime, with a worldwide release planned for 2022. You’ll want to see the trailer for yourself right here; it’s looking great so far.

Lastly, we’ve got some new merch coming in. There’s going to be a good influx of Girls’ Frontline merchandise from plushies to canvas bags to Collapse Fluid cups.

That’s a wrap for the Girls’ Frontline 2021 Developer Livestream. The best place to check out anything from the stream would be from the restream done by well-renowned Girls’ Frontline content creator, Ceia.

Anything you’re particularly excited about? Let us know in the comments below. ‘Til next time, this is Commander Cory, signing off!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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