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Dice Legacy Is A “Roll-Playing” Roguelike Where The Dice Have A Life Of Their Own

In Dice Legacy, instead of the dice being rolled to resolve encounters, the dice represent people who can get sick, have children and die.

Do Animals Dream? Review (PC)

Do Animals Dream? Review: A Question for the Ages   Do Animals Dream? That’s the provocative name and question of the game from Black Vein Productions. As a very happy omnivore, I was definitely intrigued by a game that promised to “forever change how you view animals.” We’ve all…

Astria Ascending Showcases J-Ster Mini Game

Let’s Play J-Ster in Astria Ascending   Since I first heard about Astria Ascending, I knew it had the potential to be special. And that was before I knew the team developing it, Artisan Studios, was composed of Final Fantasy veterans. I love the classic Final Fantasy games, and…

Observer: System Redux Review (PS5)

Observer: System Redux Review: Worth Observing A genuine sense of claustrophobia oozes out of Observer: System Redux. You spend the vast majority of your time trapped in an apartment complex. With nowhere to go and a mission to solve, a single-minded purpose drives you forward, deeper into what quickly…

Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 3 Burning Fields

Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 3 Burning Fields Welcome Captains to the Proposal 3 Burning Fields guide, the grand finale of the Outworld Quest! It’s a bit of a mess, so let’s dig right in. Starting off, you can switch between Fischl and Keqing at will, which you’re…

Playdate Preorders Open July 29th

Are You Ready To Play? Panic, the creator of the upcoming Playdate handheld, today announced that they will open preorders on July 29th. They will go live at 10:00 AM PDT. A few details about what to expect were unveiled too. Playdate plans to ship 20,000 units in late…

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