How To Defeat The Guardian In Eldest Souls

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall – How To Defeat The Guardian In Eldest Souls

How To Defeat The Guardian In Eldest Souls


Congratulations, you’ve made it through Eldest Souls‘ tutorial fight with the Watchdog. Now, things are about to get real as you you’re about to face the game’s first real boss battle. But if you think that means this fight’s going to be a walk in the park, you’re in for a rude awakening. But fear not, brave knight. In this guide, we’ll show you how to defeat The Guardian in Eldest Souls.

The Guardian is a massive knight wielding a tower shield and a halberd. He’s big, he’s slow, and he’s mean. But don’t get too comfortable. This lug hits hard, and one solid smack with his halberd can cleave two-thirds of your life away. The trick to bringing this big lug down is paying close attention to his patterns and learning to stick and move so that you can quickly deal some damage before his next assault.

This fight consists of two phases. In the first phase, the Guardian has a handful of hard-hitting attacks. Thankfully, he telegraphs them pretty clearly, giving you plenty of time to anticipate what you’re in for.


Missing The Point


When the Guardian points his halberd directly at you, he’ll be revving up for a Pierce attack. He can execute this ability three times in rapid succession. Luckily, you can tell exactly where he’s going to strike, thanks to the glowing indicator that will appear just before he attacks. Try and keep a bit of distance from the Guardian, and keep moving, dashing when necessary to avoid turning into a shish kebab. After his third stab, quickly perform a charge attack and hammer away while you’ve got your Bloodthirst buff to deal some extra damage.

In addition to Pierce, the Guardian also performs a single, heavy slash occasionally. You can tell he’s about to do this when he holds his blade to the side. Just keep a bit of distance and wait until he swings. Then, once again, swoop in with a charge attack while he preps his next move. This is also the prime time to deliver a Bloodburst attack for added damage.


When not trying to impale or cleave you with his halberd, the Guardian also first off volleys of spears. These come in threes in the first phase. Luckily, they have a very slow windup, and you can see where he’s going to aim long before they come whizzing towards you. Just keep your distance and run in a straight line, and these projectiles should whiz right by you. Once again, take advantage of this lull in his attacks to dish out some punishment after the third spear has been thrown.

One of the most annoying parts of this fight is the Guardian’s tendency to deploy Runic Circles around him. These two circles intersect and will deal heavy damage if you linger on one for more than a second. That said, it’s best to just avoid trying to attack him until these dissipate. On some occasions, he’ll even deploy a Runic Circle after charging you for massive damage. So keep clear of these glowing death traps at all costs.


Phase Two: Corrupted Guardian


Once you’ve whittled down a bit less than half of the Guardian’s health bar, the real fight begins. Writhing tentacles sprout from the Guardian’s body, signaling the second phase has begun, and he becomes enraged.

Most attacks are modified versions of abilities he used in the first half of the battle in his corrupted form, but your strategy should remain mostly the same. Observe his movements, and strike only when you have a safe opening following one of his attacks.


The Guardian’s Slash is now much more menacing than before. And, much like the Pierce ability from the first phase, it comes in volleys of 3. Try not to abuse your dashes in this phase so that you can quickly get out of the kill zone when he’s delivering these heavy swings. Keep an eye out for arrows, even while he’s moving, as in this phase, the Guardian can now fire them at will. On the plus side, he’s limited to single arrows this time around instead of the barrages of 3 from the first phase.


By far, the most annoying ability the Guardian has in this phase is his Tendrils of Corruption. They can reach across the screen and ensnare you, draining your life. Worse still, he can pull you in and then finish you off with a whack from his blade. With this in mind, be sure to keep your distance when you see his tendrils shifting back and forth, indicating he’s revving up this devastating attack.

Once you learn to anticipate his attacks and know how to counter them, the Guardian isn’t so tough to topple. Don’t get greedy with the DPS, because you’ll only be setting yourself up for a world of hurt. Just be sure to keep a safe distance and use your dashes and Bloodthirst buffs wisely. If you keep out of his reach and strike only when he leaves an opening, you’re sure to bring this big lug down in no time and claim your first Shard.

There you have it, that’s how to defeat the Guardian in Eldest Souls. I hope this guide makes your time in the Citadel a little easier.

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