Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array Guide

Genshin Impact Perpetual Mechanical Array Guide

Welcome, Travelers. Today we’ll be taking a look at a guide on how to take down the Perpetual Mechanical Array. The fight’s one of the simpler ones, but there are still a few tips and tricks to keep in mind, so let’s get to it!

There are two different ways to get to the boss. The first way is to the north of Ritou Island, on a place called Jinren Island. Once you’re on that island, look to the sky, and you’ll see a black hole that’ll serve as your direct teleporter over to there.

Below that point is an Electrograna, so you’ll need to pick that up, and you’ll have the ability to zip your way up to it. Once you get to that Teleporter, you’ll be plopped damn close to this thing’s kill zone. There are about two steps forward before you start the boss, so if you hold perfectly still, you’ll have enough time to restore health or switch out party members.

The second way requires you to do the second quest of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing called Cleansing Defilement. You can view that guide here. You’ll need to follow the part with the Araumi Ruins. You’ll be given the Memento Lens to finish getting underground in Araumi Ruins. That’s the more official way to get down there; just keep following the back going down and activate any switches along the way.

So to preface, this thing’s tanky. Since it is essentially the physical damage version of the Hypostasis, physical attacks don’t do much to it. Even when using its weakness of Elemental damage, this thing can soak up some absurd amounts of damage. Luckily its attacks are fairly slow and predictable. There are two sets of attacks to be mindful of: Melee and Ranged.



  • Sword Slash: Turns into a sword and slashes diagonally in front of it (hurts, but easily sidestepped).
  • Spin Attack: Turns into a spinning top moves in a zigzag movement.



  • Orbital Strike: You’ll see three lasers pinpoint on your position, then lets out a beam from above (Either shield or keep moving, this one hurts like hell).
  • Laser Beam: Get too far away, and it’ll shoot a beam to the ground that’ll follow you.
  • Rocket Attack: Turns into a rocket and nosedives into your position.
  • Cube Roll: Get too far away, and it turns into a full cube and speeds toward you.

Lastly, when you get it to 70% health, it’ll put up a shield and summon four minions, one of which will have a gold ring of runes. That’s the one that needs to be destroyed to continue damaging the boss.


The trick here is that you’re going to be attacked by the four different variants of Ruin Sentinels all at the same time. Now, normally, you can actually down any one of those Sentinels by striking their weak point while they’re preparing an attack, but there’s a better way to disable them. The easiest way I’ve found to deal with them all at once is to freeze them solid. Shatter, unfortunately, doesn’t work as well as, say Melt or Superconduct, so while they’re frozen, probably will want to stick with anything that isn’t a claymore user. Once the enemy with the glowing runes is down, the shield around the boss itself drops, and you are free to blast that thing with whatever you can dish damage with. It’ll stay down for a lengthy amount of time, around twenty seconds. Once it’s back up and running as normal, the minions will go away, and you’ll be back to dodging attacks again. Given enough time, it’ll repeat the shielded state, which you will need to do again if you want to continue doing damage to it.

The first time I did this was with a team of Eula, Xinyan, Xingqiu, and Diona. Shielding is totally a viable tactic, though it will up the amount of time it takes to kill this thing. As I mentioned before, physical is a horrible way to go, but it definitely is possible. I wound up battling this thing by accident, but high defensive capability ensured I wasn’t gonna take squat for damage, even if I got hit.

The second time I did this, with a little more planning, was with Keqing, Xinya, Xingqiu, and Qiqi (you could honestly swap Xingqiu for Kaeya and Qiqi for Barbara and be totally fine, I’ve tried it, and it works very similarly). My DPS was better with the Elemental reactions, not to mention it was far easier to apply Freeze on the minions. If you find yourself swarmed or taking more damage than you’d like, keep a healer ready. Just be cautious having Barbara out. If she isn’t tailored to take a beating, that thing will trample her if you keep too much distance.

That’s about it for this guide on killing off the Perpetual Mechanical Array. All in all, the boss isn’t hard; it just has some absurd defensive ability. Remember: Elemental damage is the way to go, and when it splits off its buddies, freeze ’em solid, and they’ll be easy to deal with. That’s all now folks, stay tuned for the latest in Genshin Impact news and guides. This is Traveler Cory, signing off!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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