Genshin Impact A Flower Blooms in a Prison Quest Guide

Genshin Impact A Flower Blooms in a Prison Quest Guide

Welcome Travelers to the Flower Blooms in a Prison Quest Guide, the final quest for Chapter II Act I. Today, we’ll be performing a simple prison break aided by fireworks. Nothing too out of the ordinary, so let’s hop right in!

You can head back to the Kamisato Estate, then talk to Ayaka, letting her know that the damage of losing a Vision is beyond the player’s capability. After seeing how royally screwed up people get after losing their Visions, you agree to help and take on the Vision Hunt Decree. Ayaka reveals that the best countermeasure they could provide for the time being was the creation of fake Visions, but the ringleader of that operation, Master Masakatsu, got arrested. It falls to you to go start a prison break. Easy enough, right?

You’ll leave the Komore Teahouse after a bit of dialogue, instructed by Ayaka to go get one of her friends to help. You’ll be headed to Naganohara Fireworks, where you get to see a Vision hunt taking place. You’re about to step in when Yoimiya pulls you away, shortly revealing that the Vision was a fake. After clearing things up with Yoimiya and Hanshirou, you’ll have Yoimiya at your side as you get to go free Master Masakatsu from the police station.

Time for a dungeon run! There are some little quirks to keep in mind while you’re in the prison. There are going to be a few walls that seem false, but they’re actually interactable. You can move them out of the way, sometimes revealing treasure, so keep an eye out for wooden walls that seem like they should go somewhere.

Also in the dungeon are sets of armor that will buff the enemies’ defense and attack, as well as heals them. If the enemies have a purple glow to them, there’s armor nearby.

Turn that stuff off the moment you see them, or the enemies will get a lot more annoying. After your introduction to those things, you’ll head to a room with a chest in the middle surrounded by five enemies.

They’re nothing difficult, and they won’t be buffed by any armor, so make short work of them. Now, when leaving this room, make a left instead of a right and head up the ladder. There’s a hidden chest at the end of the rafters. Drop straight down (don’t go across the electrified floor yet) and grab the magatama you’ll need for the main door later in the dungeon.

Tread carefully across the electrified floor panels, then head up the latter. The next room will have some foldable partitions that’ll block the line of sight, but there are four people hiding in there. Use an AOE or wide-swinging attack to destroy the partitions, then move over to the Electro armor to disable that before laying waste to the guards. Get the next magatama piece, then move forwards to the next room. There’ll be a single soldier at the end of the hallway. Yeet the poor soul down the hole, then head on down with the fresh corpse. Down that hallway is the last magatama piece.

Get over to the platform with the giant door, take out a couple of doors, then crack that seal to reveal…an empty room?

Not quite; there’s some hidden panel magic going on here. Remember the patterns of the walls, and you can shift a few aside for some quick chests. The way forward is towards the back right, down a flight of stairs hiding behind a moveable wall. Head down that way, and you’ll find Master Masakatsu being tortured by some guards. Kujou Sara, someone Kazuha had mentioned a while back, steps in to stop the torturing, but her attention is sent your way when Yoimiya blows their cover, then proceeds to try blowing up half the prison to distract the guards. With them busy, you can go fetch Masakatsu and escape. Your Exquisite Chest will be waiting as a reward for the dungeon just upstairs.

Once outside, you’ll see some dialogue before heading back to the Komore Teahouse, leading to more dialogue discussing Kujou Sara’s demeanor towards Masakatsu. After a little bit of fun with the gang, then you’ll have your rewards of 1025 Adventure EXP, 30 Primogems, 49200 Mora, 5 Hero’s Wit, and 9 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

That’s all there is for this guide for A Flower Blooms in a Prison, the final quest for Act 1 of the Chapter 2 Archon Quests. From here, you’ll have story quests for Yoimiya and Ayaka, waiting to be done! If you haven’t checked out our guide for the Sacred Sakura Cleansing, it’d be advised to do that before heading onward, so check out our guide here! If you somehow haven’t sunk your teeth into Genshin Impact, you can download that here. ‘Til next time, this is Traveler Cory, signing off!

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