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Genshin Impact 2.1 Character and Banner Leaks

Genshin Impact 2.1 Character and Banner Leaks

Greetings Travelers, today I bring you some 2.1 character and banner leaks, featuring Raiden Shogun, Kujou Sara, and Kokomi, as well as a leak regarding the banner orders. As usual, be cautious that these are leaks and warrant more than a few grains of salt.

First and foremost, @dimbreath has dug up some info regarding the things we’ll be seeing with the Raiden Shogun when she releases. The first video here will show her idle animations and some combat with her and her polearm. It’s shown here that she can unsheath the famous chest sword using her Elemental Burst, so rest assured, we will get to enjoy that meme-worthy skill in full force.

@Genshin_Intel has also posted up her namecard.

Original Tweet Here: https://twitter.com/Genshin_Intel/status/1418912860336541712/

@dimbreath has also put up some stats for her skills.

Next up, we have some lovely videos of Kokomi, the resident strategist, and tactician for the Resistance, courtesy of @dimbreath, a reputable leaker. Our local fish lady seems to have the ability to run on water, a much-appreciated feature for the islands of Inazuma and will be featured as a five-star Hydro catalyst user.

There’s also been a leak of her namecard, found by @Genshin_Intel.

Original Tweet Here: https://twitter.com/Genshin_Intel/status/1418918892366450696

Lastly, as an added bonus, is a video from @abc64real of Kujou Sara as a bow wielder that’s rumored to be a 4-star character. Be warned; it seems that her auto-attacks as of right now are having a few bugs and issues, so this won’t entirely be indicative of the final product.

@lumie_lumie also has a video showing off Kujou Sara’s animations.


Lastly, and this is probably the one leak that I’m a bit unsure of, we have a leak from the CN beta testers revealing the order of the banners. This was picked up by @Facio_Leaks.

Original Tweet Here: https://twitter.com/Facio_Leaks/status/1418640584026304513

While all of this, again, should be taken with a grain of salt, what we can see from these videos seems promising and potent for the future of Genshin Impact. While the possibility of power creep is ever-present, hopefully, the upcoming four-stars of Kujou Sara and Sayu will make the creep a little more bearable. While you wait, if you haven’t checked out our guides, we just finished up the Sacred Sakura Cleansing quest chain, so feel free to check that out here. ‘Til next time, this is Traveler Cory signing off.


Cory Clark
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