Nintendo Download for 7/22/21

July Is Heating Up in the Nintendo Download for 7/22/21!


Nintendo Download | Pokemon Unite

It’s fitting that as July wraps up, the Nintendo Download goes big. While it’s true there’s another Nintendo Download coming next week, the Nintendo Download for 7/22/21 is amazingly busy. Not only is there a handful of featured titles, there’s new SNES games available on Nintendo Switch Online, a demo, sales and the usual fun stuff. But let’s begin with a sequel that’s been nearly two decades in the making.

The World Hasn’t Ended Yet


Nintendo Download | NEO: TWEWY

Let’s just be honest – most of us had given up hope of The World Ends With You ever getting a proper sequel. I know I had, and wrote a big, dramatic editorial at my previous website. Cause at the time, all signs pointed to Square Enix giving up on the series. Which is why it’s so crazy that NEO: TWEWY is gonna release next week! While most fans understandably are cautious about getting too excited about it, I’m trying to stay optimistic. Here’s hoping it’s worth the very, very long wait. Another game fans were flabbergasted is coming West is The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles. Enjoy courtroom battles in Victorian London and Japan, all buttressed by gorgeous artwork. Or if you prefer a new way to play a classic series, you might wanna try Pokémon UNITE for free. For those that love defeating hordes of opponents, there’s Samurai Warriors 5. And for something very different, you can check out Last Stop. Next up, let’s take a gander at some new games coming to Nintendo Switch Online.

  • Claymates – Take on the role of Clayton, son of Professor Putty. Your father has made a breakthrough, and with the serum he’s created, living creatures can be turned into clay! You will face many dangers, but you have the ability to transform into five different animals. You’ll need them all to run, jump, fly, swim and climb your way past the obstacles in your path! Claymates will be available on July 28.
  • Jelly Boy – In this platforming game originally released exclusively in Europe in 1995, you are Jelly Boy, candy given the spark of life by the power of lightning. You’ve come to life knowing one thing: You have to escape the candy factory. To get out, you’ll need to collect puzzle pieces and survive the enemy heavies trying to stop you. You’re sure to need all your wits, skills and shape-changing powers to make it through this wacky adventure. Jelly Boy will be available on July 28.
  • Bombuzal – Strategically detonate every bomb in each level while leaving yourself a safe place to stand when the dust settles. In this puzzle game, you’ll have to be quick, because time is short. Just make sure you remember to take the size of each explosion into account, or it could blow a hole in all your careful planning. Good luck, and have a blast! Bombuzal will be available on July 28.

Waifu Make Everything Better


Nintendo Download | Bishoujo Battle Mahjong Solitaire

What’s that, not enough games yet? How about a demo opportunity?

  • Feeling Trapped? Need Somewhere To Vent? – Prepare your spaceship for departure, but beware! One or more random players among the Crew are planning your destruction. Sus out Impostors in the full version of the Among Us game for the Nintendo Switch system, available for Nintendo Switch Online members to try until July 27 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Among Us will also be available to purchase for 30% off until Aug. 1 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Best of luck pretending to do your tasks, “Crewmate.”

Blast Off Into Savings


Nintendo Download | Darwin 4078

It wouldn’t be a proper Nintendo Download without some sales. Here’s some cheaper offerings for this week. For ninja action, you can slash your way to Within the Blade for $8.79. Or for a heartwarming tale of family, there’s Macrotis: A Mother’s Journey for $9.59. For a darling puzzle, try QV for half off at $7.49. RPG fans are sure to appreciate Legends of Ethernal for $9.99. Finally, for a great discount on weather bending action, try Ary and the Secret of Seasons for only $9.99.

All Savings Must Be Slashed!


Nintendo Download | Samurai Warriors 5

Now for some spicier savings. For never ending torment, try Guild of Darksteel for $11.99. To try a puzzle game with great artwork, there’s Minute of Islands for $15.99. Or for post apocalyptic weirdness, try Mutazione for $15.99. For a twisted guessing game on a space station, look no further than Gnosia for $19.99. And to take down the very gods themselves, try Gods Will Fall half off for $12.49.

Femme Fatal


Nintendo Download | Fatal Twelve

Finally, let’s close out the Nintendo Download with some new digital adventures. Retro fans rejoice! There’s a handful of classic titles this week. Those include Arcade Archives DARWIN 4078, Terra Bomber, Terra Lander and Terra Lander II. For some quality time with waifu, try Bishoujo Battle Mahjong Solitaire and Bunny Bounce. For Shmup action, try Akinofa, Curved Space and Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+. For two very different games categorized as platformers, try HENOSIS and MouseBot: Escape from CatLab. Adventure fans should check out FATAL TWELVE. For something crazy, try Clone Drone in the Danger Zone and Timothy vs the Aliens. Or for relaxation, try Aery – Calm Mind. Rogue fans should enjoy Rogue Star Rescue. And for something utterly strange, look no further than Dininho Space Adventure!

This Is Your Bubble Bobble On Drugs


Nintendo Download | Dininho Space Adventure

Whew, that was a busy Nintendo Download. Much more than I was expecting this week. Thanks as always for tuning into HPP for your weekly Download. And be sure to catch the last one of July next Thursday!

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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