Genshin Impact Strange Story in Konda Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Strange Story in Konda Quest Guide

You’ll need to have finished Ritou Escape Plan and be Adventure Rank 30 to start Strange Story in Konda. Once you get done with Ritou Escape Plan, head down the trail, and you should see a fox statue with a masked shrine maiden standing before it.

She’ll ask that you remove a ward using Electro powers, so take out someone with Electro and give the statue a quick jolt. Grab the ward from the statue, then talk to the shrine maiden again. Now she will designate you as the “Destined One,” then reveal her name as Kazari, a shrine maiden that’s looking for someone to lift a barrier around Konda Village.

Konda Village is just a bit further down the road. You’ll be looking around for people to query about anything strange going on. If you’re heading in from the north, you’ll see a young girl named Futaba that’s near the water channel on your right.

Talk to her, and she’ll mention odd noises during a really rainy night and also having seen some strange floating bags in the village gully. She’ll advise talking to Konda, the village leader, but you don’t need to do that yet. Instead, go find Takeru up on the roof of a building toward the south of the village.

He tells you that there’s a ghost lady around, and there’s also a broken cart near the northeast village entrance. Go investigate it after clearing out the Hilichurls, and you’ll find a Shogunate ledger of goods and payments.

Talk to Saimon Eri, and she’ll say something about a deserted shrine near the foot of the mountain. This comes into play later in the quest. She’ll also mention a well at Konda’s house that’s been mysteriously locked up.

Time to gather some clues. You’ll already have one down, which was the stuff from the broken cart, the other two being the floating bags near the gully and the coin pouch near the well. The bags can be found here.


The pouch next to the wishing well will actually be hiding inside the bucket.

Get all of that and then take it to Konda to get him to spill the beans on what’s going on. He cuts you a deal, you stay silent about the weird stuff if he tells you where to find his old journal. Head up to the roof, and you’ll get that weathered journal with just enough info to lead you towards a key. It’s not far away; just head there and deal with the squatters before digging that key up. Now for the fun part. Unlock the well, and you’ll see that there’s a whole lot to see down there.


Grab the chest right there, then get out a Pyro character and fire at the wall with the purple glow. Once the wall shatters, go down the winding path. You’ll see an Electro Seelie that you can follow for a quick chest.

Look behind you and down. You’ll see a couple of breakable boxes that are hiding a little path. In there are a few easily dispatched Electro slimes and an Electroculus further in. Grab those. Then you’ll want to head back to the main room, where there’s a big purple gateway that bars you from proceeding unless you grab an Electrograna from a dispenser on the top floor of that room (there’s also a chest near that platform as well). You’ll now be in a large room dyed a purple hue with a shrine in the middle. First off, you’ll need to find a little post where you can put the Ward you got from the fox statue way earlier on.

Put that in, and it’ll light up five other posts that are needed for removing the seal on whatever’s down in that eerie shaft. You can interact with all five posts, changing their Electro number from 1 to 5. At the dual archway near the middle is a little diagram showing you the order and numbers.

I’ll be labeling the five posts as northeast, northwest, east, west, and south. The order starts at the bottom, so by the end, you should have:


  • South: 1
  • East: 2
  • Northeast: 3
  • West: 4
  • Northwest: 5


Do that, then get ready for a fight. Ochimusha isn’t hard at all of a fight, fighting similarly to the Kairagi. Bring the Cryo or Pyro users and lay waste to him. After that, you’ll be visited again by Kazari, who reveals that the tree is no longer sealed, but the roots need a bit of a cleaning. That’s a wrap for this part, but we’re far from done. You’ll be rewarded with 40 Primogems, 20,000 Mora, and 350 Adventure XP. Before you finish up, though, grab an Electrograna from the dispenser left of Kazari and head up the vines, go across the barrier, then you’ll be in a room with a gate that has its switch next to it. Pop that open and loot everything out of that room, including a Rust-Worn Key that’ll be handy for more Inazuma loot later. Back in the other room, there’ll be an Electroculus right above your head, so grab that, and go get outta that spooky hole.

That’s it for the Strange Story in Konda quest guide, but believe me, the gardening days are far from done. If you, enjoyed this guide and want to keep going, check out our guide for the next quest here! ‘Til next time, this is Traveler Cory, signing off!

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