Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Cleansing Defilement Quest Guide

Hello Travelers, and welcome to the Cleansing Defilement Quest Guide for Genshin Impact! Third in the chain of Sacred Sakura Cleansing quests, we’ll be looking at clearing up three roots.

The first one we will handle is the one under the tidal flats near the Kamisato Estate. This one’s a bit obtuse if you aren’t aware of what a tidal flat is. It’s referring to the shallow sandy extension at the coastline going away from the Estate. You’ll need to get the ward first, which is perched up right off the cliffside near the Estate.

Head out to the island specified on the map below.

There’ll be another little statuette for you to view with the Memento Lens. Do that, and the next way forward will be revealed. Be cautious down here! The Balethunder makes the whole place so charged with Electro energy that you’ll start taking damage if you don’t keep an Electrograna. You’re looking for those double archways with the posts near them. The image here should be indicative of about what you’re looking for down in this hole. The one you just purified will be the center one—this one’s at a screwy angle. Basically, if you’re looking at the post and the diagram ahead of you, the post directly behind the center post will need to be set to 2, the ones to the left and right set to 3, and the remaining one set to 2. I’ll have a picture that’ll show which ones need to be set to 2.

Once you’re done with setting that up, you’ll have two phantoms to face this time! Not that they’re any stronger. Just make sure to keep getting Electrograna, that Balethunder really starts chewing through health if you don’t watch it.

Done there, we can now move on to Chinju Forest. The fox with the necessary ward is there, but it’s missing one of the little foxes that are supposed to be with it.

You’ll need to do a little side quest called Hayashi of Tanuki in the Forest to get the ward for this area. We have a guide already made for that here that will also cover how to do the diagram puzzle for this area’s Sacred Sakura root.

The last area is Araumi, where not much remains but ruins and roots. That said, there are mechanisms ready to start working, one of which being an Electro totem not far from the big tree and a strange mechanism that, in Genshin, is usually indicative of an elevator.

Activate that Electro totem right next to it, and you’ll be on your way to heading downstairs. After that, if you go a little southeast, there’s a lone Electro totem free for the picking, no gimmicks on this one. The next one you need is a little northeast of that tree, surrounded by some Ruin Cruisers.

The final one is surrounded by an electro puzzle, one that will need some juice to be interacted with. Use an Electro character, and you can start turning the squares until all of the glowing purple parts are facing the tree.

If you’re still on the warpath after all of that, go down the Ruin Grader hiding behind the big tree for a lovely Exquisite Chest.

Now you can activate the strange mechanism at the base of the ruined pillar. Climb the pillar the big tree wraps around and head down. Claim the chest inside, then use your Memento Lens on all three statues to reveal switches that need to be pressed (in no real order). The floor slides in, and you can go down. Don’t worry about missing the ward; it’s down here with you. First, near the shrine, you’ll see a little statuette you can use the Memento Lens on.

It’ll show you the Electrogranum dispenser that you can use to cross the Electro border behind you. Go through, grab the Scroll-Shaped Ward, and you can get started on clearing out the muck from the roots here.

Back at the shrine, purify the post, and you’ll get to see your diagram. Except you might notice there are two posts missing. A quick peer through the Memento Lens will clear that up; just look for the nearby statuettes.

You’ll have five points as usual, which are northeast, northwest, east, west, and south, with the south being the starter.


  • Northeast: 2
  • Northwest: 2
  • West: 3
  • East: 3
  • South: 1


You’ll have a fired-up Pyro phantom to handle, just like the ones prior. Make short work of him, and you’ll have your grand reward for the three roots’ purification! Enjoy the 500 Adventure EXP, 60 Primogems, 5 Hero’s Wit, 8 Mystic Enhancement Ores, and 50000 Mora. Thank you for tuning in for this Cleansing Defilement Quest Guide, and if you haven’t started the Sacred Sakura Cleansing questline, check out the start here! Til next time, this is Traveler Cory signing off!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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