Genshin Impact Act II: Confessions Of An Outlander Quest Guide

Genshin Impact Act II Confessions Of An Outlander Quest Guide


Greetings Travelers! Today we’ll be taking a quick gander at the Confessions of an Outlander quest, part of the Act II Archon quest chain for Genshin Impact! While this is mostly a lot of talking and dialogue, there is one slightly tricky sneaking section to keep in mind.

Hope you like bureaucracy, because that’s the style for this whole quest. Inside the checkpoint building, you’ll have your documents perused by Kageyama. Your intentions will be scrutinized no matter which option you pick, but Thoma will handle the paperwork for you to get moved in with the Outlander Affairs Agency, checked over by Yurika. She tries to get a 2 million Mora payment that is quickly talked down by Thoma. The final step of this paperwork shuffle is heading to the International Trade Association. Kurisu, who is manning that station, is a bit more understanding and vocal of the issues surrounding Ritou. The Kanjou Commission that manages taxes and regulations has made it to where taxes can only be paid with Crystal Marrow, only sold by a single vendor with a monopoly over the stuff. Being the hero you are, you offer to track the scumbag down to a tree by the coast in the residential district.

Now you can go track down this Werner fellow. After learning that he’s too proud of his monopoly to care about what Paimon or the hero has to say, you’ll be sent back to Thoma for intel support. Thoma fills you in on his past and how he wound up stuck in Inazuma. After finishing up with Thoma, go talk to Werner and remind him of his Mondstadt past. You’ll be prompted to gift him with a few goods from Mondstadt and Liyue to entice him to listen up. He finally climbs down from his pedestal to talk normally for a bit. He realizes being an ass to the Internation Trade Association does him little favors and you learn that the Kanjou Commission’s been using him to resell any stock of Crystal Marrow they get to price gouge the locals, all headed by someone by the name of Keijirou. Werner tips you off that his tracks should be fresh. Go towards the center of the village, and he’ll be in sight.

You’ll need to stay sneaky for this bit. Stay close enough to him that the eye above his head is visible, but far enough away that he doesn’t notice you.

You’re too far if you can’t see the eye above his head.

If you see orange around that eye, get away!

He’ll go down to talk to a food vendor, which you can stay on the upper wall and still be in sight without him seeing. Paimon will let you know if you’re getting a bit too close for comfort.

After that, he will go down to the dirt path, then do a scripted turn around to where he can see you. Just step back a bit, like I have in the photo. If you get caught, you’ll need to start from when you first see Keijirou.

He’s going down to the beachfront, attempting to bury something. Get it dug up and you’ll find that it’s just a ledger, but one they can use as leverage to screw over Keijirou’s tax shenanigans. Take it to the ITA and Kurisu gets to make some well-placed threats on Keijirou’s standing. The issue’s closer to being resolved, but one of the merchants, Harrison, raises enough ruckus for Keijirou’s higher-up to step in. Thoma steps in and shows off an ornate hand fan that convinces Katsui to step back and leave the bunch to their business.

You’ll now go outside to learn that Thoma’s actually a member of the Kamisato Clan of the Yashiro Commission. Basically he works for Kamisato Ayaka, and that holds a lot of clout that lets him do what he needs to do for problem solving. This part of the quest ends with you receiving an Invitation Letter from Thoma for when you get to Narukami Island. Finish your chat with Paimon and you’ll receive your rewards of 800 Adventure EXP, 30 Primogems, 38100 Mora, 4 Hero’s Wit, and 7 Mystic Enhancement Ore.

That’s all for this guide on Confessions of an Outlander! If you still haven’t downloaded the game yet, you can do so now here! ‘Til next time folks, this is Traveler Cory from HPP, signing off!

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