Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 3 Meditation Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 3 Meditation Guide

Greetings Captains and Travelers, and welcome to the Proposal 3 Meditation Guide for the Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact Outworld Quest crossover event! We’ve got a lot to cover, so let’s get right to it.

You’ll start off in a frozen tundra, where you can push a snowball out of the way. It turns out there was someone inside, leading to him darting off and leaving your way forward clear. Grab the chest and then go talk to the snowman. He has a couple of brothers that need rescuing before you can learn anything about what’s making the island super cold. Some parts of the floor are slick, and it is a bit difficult to tell when they are.


Starting from the lower icy start point (the one down and right from where Keqing is in the picture), you’ll go right, up, the left. Once you get the common chest, you’ll notice that there’s hard land underneath, leading to another point you can take off from.

From the landing revealed by the common chest, go down, right, then up to talk to the snowman. He’ll drop some exposition, and then you can head back to the starting points. This time you’ll take the upper starting point, like what’s featured in the pictures above. From there, head right, down, left, then you can get back on solid land.

Grab the berry, then head through the golden teleporter. One of the snowman brothers is surrounded by beasts you now get to beat up—nothing too fancy or particularly fearsome, just some girls with scythes and a mech. Talk to the snowman once you’re done with them. Hiding behind the snowman is a Ley Line Myth.

Go to the golden teleporter to get to where the challenge is.

This one requires the lightning crystals to be pushed into a square. I’ll be the first to admit that this one made me exercise my brain a little more than I would’ve liked. I’ll be including a long, thorough selection of images to show you how to do this.


Once you get that done, you’ll have some beautiful chests waiting for you. So pick up your spoils, which include the last thing needed for Keqings Artifact level-ups!

Head on back to the icy area, through the golden teleporter, then head north across the ice to this northern, non-slippery area.


The first thing to check out is the snowball you can roll into the snowdrift to the west. So do that, and then you have a surface you can use to slide on over to a Luxurious Chest.

Now, if you go back to the snowman, you’ll find he’s too frozen to speak. Go check out the fire puzzle. Touch one torch, and all of the others around it will light up. The puzzle here’s a lot less taxing than the lightning crystal puzzle. It’s simple. You don’t even need pictures. Hit all four corners in sequence. Then hit the middle, and you’re done. You can now head to the next floor.

On this floor, go check out the weird snow sculpture thing. You can now time travel to three years prior, meeting the Water Djinn, who doesn’t help for much other than making a reference to the Honest Woodcutter before shooing the gang away.

First of all, you can go pick up a nearby conch to start a mini-quest. Now touch the torch for some kindling. Next, you can go to the trees and convince the Water Djinn to help you dig them up and replant them. You’ll need to head forward in time to continue from here, so go interact with the statue again.

Much more is available now. Go get the common chest just to the south, and then light the nearby fire with the torch kindling you got earlier. Moving on past that, if you cross the frozen river and head north, you can see there’s a golden enemy amongst some bonfires. Light the bonfires, then get ready for a fight. There’s a gimmick for rising heat, but the fight won’t last long, making it rather pointless. Just keep away from its attacks, and you’ll be fine.

Grab the key fragment, then head to the past to find another conch to bury. Finally, head back to the future, frozen years, and you can find a Luxurious Chest in its place.

Finally, the last piece of the key is to the north, near some moveable boxes.

You’ll have another movement puzzle, but this one’s rather tame. The guide for the sequence will be right below.

Collect your spoils of a berry, half a broken key, 60 journals, and a seed. Then, before submitting both halves of the key, head back in time to plant that seed.

You’ll have a luxurious chest waiting for you when you do. Head forward in time, talk to the Water Djinn.

After some dialogue, you are now cleared to move on to the next floor, with the Water Djinn officially joining your party.

That’s all there is to the Proposal 3 Meditation guide! If you haven’t started on any of the Outworld Quest, you can find the link to Proposal 1 Origin here, and if you haven’t gotten into the game itself yet, you can find the download link here. ‘Til next time, this is Captain Cory, signing off!

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