Tennocon 2021 Reveals Nidus Prime, Crossplay, New War, and More for Warframe

From Crossplay to The New War, Tennocon 2021 Reveals Long-Awaited Warframe Content

It’s that wonderful time of year as Tennocon 2021 reveals to us what to look forward to for Warframe! You can view the full stream from start to finish right here, but we’ll be covering some highlights if you just want to get to the juicy bits. Don’t forget that if you watched the Tennocon stream for thirty minutes, you can redeem your Vastilok Gunblade!

There’s also a free Loki Prime for anyone that watched the Tennolive segment for more than half an hour.

Also, for Prime subscribers, you can claim the Prime Gaming Warframe Tennocon Bundle.

Speaking of skins and cosmetics, Console Players will be seeing an Unreal Tournament weapon skin bundle showing up here in the near future, with PC players getting in on the goodies they might’ve missed out on for this bundle by getting them from the Epic Games Store. The console players will be able to do special Lotus Alerts to get these skins for free.

You can take a look at them here.


I think the real winner of the show isn’t just the fact that we’re going to see a fully operational mobile client, but the fact that we’re getting crossplay/save compatibility!

PS4 players can join in with Switch player, Xbox players can sign in on PC and have everything they own right there and ready for them.

It’s something that a lot of Tenno have been waiting patiently for, and it’s finally going to be a reality. This means that all future content will now be releasing together. No one console will come before the others.

Next up is a look at Nidus Prime, the newest Prime to see the light of day and probably the most fearsome. There’s a reason he’s still considered one of the pillars of raw DPS in the game. Adding some Prime enhancements on top of that will keep him on the top for a long, long while to come.

Next, we get some wonderful looking Deluxe skins for Baruuke, Protea, and Volt!

There’s also been a teased image of the newest Warframe, known right now as Caliban and being part Warframe, part Sentient.


Not only are we getting some great new looks at the upcoming New War that we’ve been clamoring for, but we get to see some very unique Grineer and Corpus missions where you play as the respective races, watching the Sentients raze Cetus Plains and the stars above with absolute impunity. There’s even a little bit of gameplay with Teshin sporting his Dual Nikanas.

It’s a neat change of pace from the normal missions and certainly welcome towards making an even more action-packed and fleshed-out story experience.

The first side of the mission focuses on a Grineer soldier freshly sent flying from a crash on Cetus Plains. He takes it upon himself to check on a fallen Dargyn from a fresh firefight that might still have a breathing pilot.

From brutal melee executions and spewing Grakata fire to donning a Corinth Prime and wrecking shop with a forceful, wicked style really showed off the durability and ruggedness of the Grineer.

The second side of the mission focuses on a Corpus Technician named Veso, that’s sent by Alad V to try getting him access to his command overrides so he can use the fire-control systems. Veso, as a technician, can call out Walkers and Ospreys from stations scattered around the ship he’s on.


He only has a little pistol to work with, so his mook summoning abilities are key to navigating the ship, dismantling any Corpus forces the Sentients have made their own. His gameplay comes across as much more strategic, requiring management of his mooks to make fights easier.

Finally, we also get to watch Teshin work his magic, the samurai coming equipped with dual Nikana, his Orvius he can use as a grapple, and an ability to switch elemental damage types on the fly.His part of the mission sends him into the bowels of a Sentient ship to take down, with Ordis attempting to act as his guide.

The New War looks to make some scene-changing havoc, and does it with a style that’s going to have a lot of Tenno readying for the invasion. We’re gonna be looking at a 2021 drop for the spectacular new mission. You can view everything from start to finish right here.

From crossplay to The New War, Digital Extremes certainly has their work cut out for them. That’s the best of the best revealed for Warframe here for Tennocon 2021, but stick around for our coverage of Warframe content as it drops. If you haven’t already hopped aboard the cyber-ninja fun, get the game for free here! ‘Til next time, Tenno!


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