Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 2 Village Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 2 Village Guide

proposal 2 village, featured

Time for your first steps into the village for this Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 2 Village guide. After a quick cutscene, head east and examine the light post with a circle around it.

village, entrance

Push it to reveal the entrance to the village, and with that, someone already willing to pick a fight. Get going with combat, and you’ll realize very quickly that you can’t hurt her at all. So with that said, survive, dodge when you can, or just stay away entirely. After the cutscene, you’ll be heading out with Fischl deeper into town.

village, first room

View yet another cutscene, and you’ll find out about the village’s mechanism: Electro Pillars. Basically, you go to a pillar with the Electro sigil above it, take the Electro energy from it, then move it to another one to activate mechanisms. Before heading off, though, you can also interact with the fox statues while electrified, so go hit the room nearest the entrance of the village. Head deeper inside, and you’ll find more light posts to tinker with.

village, interactable lamps, proposal 2 village,

Get the electricity from a pillar in the east part of the room, then head to the north of the room, activating the light posts as needed. Plant the electricity in the pillar next to that fox statue to the north, then a room going west will be revealed.

proposal 2 village,, side room

Grab the berry nearby, the get the electricity moving from the east pillar to the west one. Oh, and this might be common sense, but don’t swim in water while you’re holding electricity. Go to the south room, where a Luxurious Chest with one of Keqing’s abilities is.

proposal 2 village, luxurious chest

Hit the light post to give a quick route back to the previous room. Now, to make an upcoming puzzle easier, revert what you just did so the grassy area has electricity in the east pillar, get across the water, then pick it back up to take with you to a room near the southeast.

proposal 2 village, fox statue, side room

Stick the electricity in the totem in the room to access a room going south. There are three signs here to keep note of:

  • That pool is the experimental fish farm
  • There is no fishing allowed. No fish bombing either
  • Electrified individuals are not permitted inside.


Time to violate common sense. Go back to the pillar to the north that’s next to the fox statue and pluck the electricity from that. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to charge the fox statue with some spare electro. Get back down to that puddle, then get ready for a fish fry. Zap the water, and you’ll have a common chest show up with 30 journals.

Now, with the electro within still active, go to the fox statue just to the north of here, then light ‘er up by interacting with it. Now you’ll have access to the other side of the village! Except you’ll have a human-shaped hiccup in the road there.

proposal 2 village, second half, village

Grab your Luxurious Chest with 100 journals, then go collect the electro energy from the now-accessible pillar. Get ready for a cutscene, then a fight. It turns out the shield’s still up, but that’s easily washed away by breaking the Hydro Amber on the field (Hold down Fischl’s Weapon Skill to aim her bow and pop that open). Fire into that thing ’til her shields are gone, then wreck shop. She’s tanky, but doesn’t attack often enough to make her a serious threat.

Next up is facing the Dark Charger.

proposal 2, village, thunder rider

You’ll need to clear the path before you can get to her, though, so go to the Electro Pillar that’s still got some juice and take it to the pillar in a room to the south.

proposal 2, rock puzzle, village

That’ll let you move to another rock puzzle.

puzzle, guide, rock puzzle, proposal 2

Here’s the order to finish this one:

  1. Hit 1
  2. Collect Berry in that room
  3. Hit 2
  4. Hit 1
  5. Go to the room to the north
  6. Get the chest
  7. Talk to the blue-haired NPC (Fight Required)
  8. Take Electro Energy
  9. Put in one of the pillars in the western room.
  10. Hit 3
  11. Hit 2
  12. Go to the newly revealed room
  13. Get Chest
  14. Go to the room to the east
  15. Grab Electro Energy
  16. Put in one of the pillars in the western room
  17. Get Electro Energy from the southern room (where you first entered the grassy area)
  18. Fill in the final electro pillar


Nothing too difficult, and the electro energy can really just go in any pillar in that western room. The only thing to really keep an eye on is the numbered lamps. Time for a boss battle!

This one’s just a touch trickier, but nothing obscene yet. If you see that horse rise into the sky like a majestic phoenix, start dodging. It’ll slam into the ground that, honestly, you can spam your dodge and escape. Most of its attacks have lengthy tells, so keep up on your QTE abilities and keep in mind that Oz does carry over to other characters, and you’ll dish out damage that far exceeds what the horserider can.

Claim your luxurious chest with 100 journals, and we can move on to the next floor.

proposal 2, last floor

Head West from there, and you’ll see Kleeresa and a few NPCs lingering about in a grove.

proposal 2, village, npcs, klee

proposal 2, honkai impact 3rd, sidequest

Talk to Kleeresa for a sidequest revolving around digging up bamboo shoots so she can make more explosives. You’ll be looking for bamboo shoots that don’t have any leaves on them. You can find all five in the immediate vicinity. Talk to Kleeresa, and the sidequest is done!

You’ll now need to talk to the NPC on the left, and he’ll want you to sweep up sakura petals.

outworld quest, sidequests

Again, everything will be in the immediate vicinity. Lastly, talk to the NPC to the upper right, and you’ll find a use for the coins those side quests gave you. With the power now activated, move the electro energy from the top pillar to the bottom, revealing a room to the east with a berry and a Geo Slime.

outworld quest, side room, proposal 2

Get the berry, beat up the slime, then head north for a chest and a little hidden room to the east. There’s a chest to the east with 30 journals, then ,and there’s also some stuff to the south, but you can’t do anything with it right now. That’ll be for after future levels are complete.

outworld quest, hidden chest, honkai impact 3rd

Move back to the room with the NPCs, then head north and examine the blade. It turns out it was a trap with a now annoyed Ruin Guardian you’ll need to fight. And no, surprisingly enough, they did not reuse an old Honkai asset as a placeholder. You’re gonna be fighting a legit Genshin Impact Ruin Guard! If you’ve played Genshin Impact, you know what to expect already as far as attack patterns go, plus an added eye-beam that it’s now borrowed from its Ruin Grader brethren. If you’re new here, you don’t have much to fear. Its movements are slow, and if you want some added downtime for that machine, use Fischl, take aim with her bow by holding down the weapon skill, then aim for the eye, and it’ll go down for a bit for you to pound on it.

Claim your spoils of 100 journals and a Paimon coin, and then you’re done here! That’s it for If you still need to finish up Proposal 2 Bamboo, see our guide here! Interested in the game but haven’t gotten to downloading it? Here’s the link to the website for Honkai Impact 3rd so you can get started. The next guide for Proposal 2 will be up soon, so stay tuned! This is Captain Cory from HPP signing off!

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