Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 2 Bamboo Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 2 Bamboo Guide

Greetings Travelers, today we’ll be taking a look at the Proposal 2 Bamboo Guide for the Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact Outworld Quest!

Proposal 2 has the initial three chapters, with one extra sitting off on the side. We’ll be taking a look at a guide for the first scene, Proposal 2 Bamboo. Start up Bamboo, and a little cutscene will show a discussion of mecha anime, ET Studios’ previous accomplishments. You’ll be shown a small introductory scene for the scene and characters, starring Keqing.



Head north when you can finally move, heading through the bamboo thicket to Yae Sakura, waiting at the end. You’ll go through a lengthy cutscene before setting on your way forward. You’ll now be following Sakura’s shikigami around the bamboo maze.

There’s a chest hiding in the thicket. Take it for a quick 30 journals. You’ll keep going until you reach a fox shrine where the statues needed for the ritual are turned the wrong way.


Get the stoneworks set in the right direction, and the flames you need will appear before your very eyes.

The shikigami will now move north, towards a lake, and before you get too far ahead, get up to the upper right corner for a quick chest with 30 journals.


Now interact with the Cryo slimes for a quick battle. After the battle, the slimes become snowballs you can easily move around. Don’t worry about them going in the wrong order. There is no order, so just get all four of them in the water, and you’re good.

Make sure to grab the crystal when you’re done. Step on to the patch, and you’ll teleport to Sakura. You’ll initiate a fight with Sakura as a test of might. Just a heads up, she will just immediately start swinging the moment the battle starts, so dodge frequently and dodge fast. If you’re really struggling to kill her, keep your distance and use your sword beams to damage her from afar. You’ll now have Yae Sakura as a companion and also be taught how to use camouflage.

If you’ve ever wanted to try out the red crystal life, this is the way to do it. Head north of there to a fellow red crystal and initiate a cutscene where you’re permitted to pass.

Head to the golden crystal for another cutscene where you extract “essence” from him to use in the camo. There’ll be three of these large guys you can interact with for “essence.”

Head to the large golden crystal, where you’re given an option for the time being.

You can either attack this guy head-on or find a sneaky way. For the sake of those that might not be as well versed in battle, I will be taking the sneaky way for this one. Go and gather the last golden mook up near the north, and grab that luxurious chest he’s guarding while you’re at it. It has another of Keqing’s constellation.

The last thing to do is grab a berry that’s near the southeastern guard there, then head to the next floor.

On the next floor, you can see a sign warning not to get anywhere near the castellan, which is exactly what we’re going to do. Head north from here, get through a little cutscene, then you’ll see little Fischl stuck in some vines.

Just a touch north, there are some enemies gathered around a brazier. Make short work of them with a quick battle, then get some twigs from the sakura tree nearby so you can get a fire to burn away the vines. Don’t forget to grab the Luxurious Chest nearby for 100 journals. Burn away the vines, then Fischl will be in your party.

Now, with that branch, you can actually go a floor back to light up some braziers near the frozen lake. It’ll unfreeze, and now you can go check up on the crab that’s now been cooked. Hope you like crab soup.

Back to the task at hand, before heading off, go near the entrance, then head east. There’s a little vine you can burn up to reveal a berry.

Head up to where the red vine was and start moving east. You’ll see an NPC that would love some of that crab soup you got. You’ll clear a side quest for some Asterite, as well as net 130 journals from reward chests.

Talk to the girl nearby, and then you’ll get another side quest, except this one can’t be completed yet. For now, head south of her, and a cutscene will play. You’ll see a seal stone and a sleeping slime. Leave the slime be, but once you examine the Seal Stone, you’ll get individual access to the party members so you can place them on the four corners.

Except there are only three of you, leading to a need to use the slime. Push the heavy sleeper around like a boulder into position and watch the cutscene.

Moving on to the next floor, you’ll see a crap ton of red crystals aimed at you.

Walk toward them for a cutscene. Then you’ll learn you need to shoot for the big red crystal. No battle needed. Just click on the biggest of the bunch for all three rows. Follow Sakura, but as you try to move past her to the village, you’ll be ambushed from both sides. Now you get to enjoy the real battle! Survive ’til the timer runs out, then be ready for another cutscene.

You can run now that some of their formation is shattered, just don’t forget to pick up the little common chest not far from you. Step into the golden patch just to the north for another cutscene. You’ll need to follow the water to the village. Head west from there, picking up a common chest along the way.

Going through the yellow circle will put you toward the southeast chunk of the map.

Head a little further southwest on the water to find dry land and a way around the forces. Don’t go straight ahead though, no, go straight west for a common chest, then for a berry even further west from there.

Head back to the guards, sneak past them towards the village entrance, claim the luxurious chest, then finish up that part of the story!

That’s all for the Proposal 2 Bamboo Guide of the Honkai Impact Outworld Quest Crossover Event. If you haven’t started on Proposal 1, you can find our guide for that here!  Interested in the game? Download it here! Stay tuned for more guides and updates here at HPP! This is Captain Cory signing off!

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