Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 1 Mondstadt Guide

Perfect Your Dragon Slaying in This Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 1 Mondstadt Guide

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Welcome back, Captains and Travelers, to our Proposal 1 Mondstadt guide for the Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact Outworld Quest event! This one’s shorter than the others, so let’s hop to it!

outworld quest, mondstadt, dragon


Start off by chasing after the dragon that deftly maneuvres forward away from you. If you head to the east, you’ll find an NPC to talk to.

honkai, NPC, outworld quest

He explains that his two brothers were chasing it too. He gives you access to a tunnel his brothers made that gets you closer to where that dragon is. Step on the glowing patch, and the dragon does what it does best and flees the scene again. After the short cutscene, head a bit north to a boulder concealing a berry before you go chasing after it.

outworld quest, hidden berry

You can actually still use your sledgehammer from the last section to break it open and get the berry. One of the older brothers will be to the east from here, talk to him, and he’ll get you a scythe you can use to fell any pesky vines!

outworld quest, mondstadt, scythe

Before you get too far ahead, let’s make use of our new gardening tool. Head back to where the youngest brother was first by taking the tunnel path. Chop down the vines to the east of him, then follow that way to a common chest that’s surrounded by vines.

hidden chest, fines, outworld quest

Chop ’em down, then claim a key from the chest. Now you can head back to chasing that dragon. Get over to it again, felling the vines in the way, and again it flees. Head to the last of the brothers to the south from there, and he’ll give you an axe you can use to chop down some trees thanks to your pre-emption in getting that key from earlier.

Again, before going after that pesky dragon, take a moment to knock around some boulders for a quick chest containing 30 journals.

hidden chest, rocks, honkai

You can also chop down a few nearby trees for a Luxurious Chest containing 100 journals.

honkai impact 3rd, mondstadt luxurious chest

Done with that? Keep going after that dragon!

He’s gotten himself stuck further down in the forest, but your axe doesn’t help remove some pesky stumps in the way. Go talk to the first brother nearby for a hint as to where a spade might be.

Now perfectly armed with an arsenal of gardening tools, you can get a lingering chest that you couldn’t get before.

outworld quest, chest, trees

Just a few tiles north from the starting point are some trees surrounding a chest that will give you another ability for Keqing called Jade Cutter.

keqing, new skill, honkai

Head back to where the dragon is, dig him out from the forest, then prepare to dig him a grave. After a humorous cutscene, you’ll initiate the fight begins, and you’ll have some minions to put down before you can get to the dragon. Beat them up, and then a cutscene will play, showing it taking off. You’ve got it on the run, but before chasing after it, time for one last chest. Head just west of the exit portal to find a chest with 30 journals in it.

outworld quest, treasure

Now you can go to the next floor to find that this dragon’s good and mad now, splitting the floor you stand on. After a short cutscene, you’re ready to rip this thing a new one, and he’s finally gonna put up a fight of his own. This is the first fight with a bit of urgency to it. Watch when it flies up into the sky because it’ll freeze you and the ground solid if you don’t get the hell away from it. Stay out of any tornadoes it makes. Those can actually stunlock you if you get too careless. All in all, you have more than enough tools to handle the beast. Just don’t get too foolhardy. Once it’s dead, take your spoils with pride!

outworld quest, reward

That’s all for the Proposal 1 Mondstadt guide, meaning the first Proposal is finished up! View a little ending cutscene, and feel free to dig into Proposal 2. Or, if you haven’t checked gotten around to getting 100% on the previous two chapters, the guide for Origin and Whispering can be found right here! If seeing this has you interested in Honkai, you can download the game here. Rest assured, we’ll be covering more of the event very soon! ‘Til then, this is Cory from HPP signing off!



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