Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact Crossover Event Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd x Genshin Impact Crossover Event Guide


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Hello Travelers and Captains, today we’re going to take a good look at a guide for all of the interdimensional goodies delivered in this Honkai Impact 3rd and Genshin Impact crossover event. This event’s got a lot to see and do, so let’s hop right to it!

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First and foremost, you’ll need to be Level 20 to begin the event. The first thing you’ll get from this event is Fischl, and all you need to do is log in once for the seven-day login event called Zeit der Verurteilung. This login event will accumulate rewards such as Asterite and SP cards you can use for the events Supply gacha. Moving on from there, you’ll want to head over to the Events page, where you’ll see the Outworld Treasure Hunt.

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This is a webpage-based mini-game where you gather charges using the power of friendship on the HoYoLAB page (or social media accounts as well if you have the friends to do that with). If you have friends on there, you can either charge someone else, or have someone charge you. The rewards are the usual, stuff like Mithril, Imaginum, and Asterite, among others, but the real standout prize is a full-blown iPad. No, not an in-game one, a real one. Claim the little rewards sitting there at the bottom of this page, and we’ll move on to the next section.

Next, you’ll see the Invite of Verurteilung starring Genshin’s local chuunbyou, Fischl.

invite of verurteilung, genshin, honkai

The first part is the Invite of Verurteilung, which is a special event geared towards anyone that has made an account after the v4.9 update and has reached Captain Level 25. Basically, when you invite a new player in using your invite code, and they hit level 25, you get 40 crystals. You can repeat this up to three times. If the server starts really getting going in popularity thanks to all of these newcomers, more Crystals are unlocked for everyone to the tune of 60 (1,000K People), 60 (3,000K People), and 100 (6,000K People).

The next section of this is the Moment of Pact, which is simply completing corresponding missions to collect rewards. These missions are exclusive to starter Captains in v4.9 and can earn SP cards and Targeted Draw cards.

moment of pact, missions, quests, overview

After that is the Outworld Quest. The first tab on this, by the same name, has a bunch of rewards you can earn by completing corresponding quests in the Outworld Quest mission series unique to this event.

The second tab to this is the Outworld Hoard, which is where you exchange this event’s unique reward material, Outworld Journals, for rewards. You can spend these at the Outworld Hoard shop tab.


Lastly, we look at the Returnee Treasure, which is a treasure hunt designed around sending out your invite code to players that haven’t been on in a while (15 days or longer, to be exact). Shoot them the link, they get on, and then you get an upscaling amount of Treasure Maps and Crystals. They also get 128 Crystals and 3 Treasure Maps by putting in the UID of another captain. Treasure Maps let you pull on the Treasure Hunt icon for rewards. If you don’t know anyone that’d return, or don’t know anyone at all, you can net a free map on daily logins.

Head over to the next tab called Crossover Supply. There are two tabs to this, the Moment der Verurteilung and the Outworld Supply.

moment der verurteilung, genshin, honkai, gacha, supply outworld quest, supply, gacha, honkai impact 3rd

Both of these are rolled with either Crystals, or through respective cards that can be obtained through the seven-day login event, Moment of Pact, Returnee Treasure Map, and Outworld Horde.

Now let’s get into the meat and cabbages of this little adventure, the Outworld Quest. You can see it right next to “Attack.”

honkai, main menu

Click on that, and you’ll be run through a little tutorial involving Keqing. You’ll be placed into an arena against the Dominator of Wolves, Andreus. Keqing handles a bit differently compared to her Genshin version. She has a new attack that fires out electro blades, her Lightning Stilletto is now her dash, and the Ult is her Elemental Burst. Helluva way to start off the collaboration and a quick way to get familiarized with how the Genshin characters will play. Or, if you’re like me and have been playing way too damn much Genshin Impact, you’ll be really confused as you proceed to play the wrong game for a minute or two before remembering that you’re actually playing Honkai Impact 3rd.

Once you’re done there and you get through the introductory scene, you’ll have a full visual of where you’ll be doing missions. There’ll be three chapters (called Proposals here), each with subsegments.

outworld quest, overview

Off to the left, you’ll see four different icons:

  1. The first one has info for the event
  2. The second will take you to the Supply menu, specifically the Crossover Supply.
  3. The third will take you to your seen scenes and event material inventory
  4. The last one takes you to the Outworld Hoard, where you spend your Outworld Journals

You’ll notice at the bottom, where it had a picture of Keqing and Oz (the bird), you can click on either to upgrade either Fischl or Keqing. Fischl can be upgraded by doing combat missions and getting the medals.

fischl, upgrade, menu, honkai, genshin

Keqing can be upgraded in three different ways. Her Thundering Blade will be upgraded as you continue through the chapters. For Genshin players, this is like upgrading her Constellation. The second upgrades are her Outworld Blessings, which can be upgraded with Blueberry Cookies you can get from the quests as well. Lastly, you can get her Artifacts upgraded by completing the Proposals (the three different chapters of the Outworld Quest).

keqing, upgrade, honkai, genshin

We’ll be covering the chapters and subsegments in-depth soon, but feel free to take on their challenges on your own if you can’t wait to get started. Lastly, if you haven’t had enough fighting with the slimes, you can do some challenge missions by clicking on the Treasure Chest in the chapter select menu once you clear the first subsegment. Go to this menu, and you’ll see four challenges you can partake in, followed by their rewards below their respective pictures. You can also earn a score that can accumulate and get you even more rewards.

treasure hunt

That’s all for this guide and overview of all the goodies contained in the Honkai Impact x Genshin Impact Crossover Event. What do you think of things so far? Be sure to stay tuned. We’ll be putting out a guide for the first subsegment of the first chapter here soon! This is Cory from HPP, signing off!

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