Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 1 Whispering Guide

Honkai Impact 3rd Outworld Quest Proposal 1 Whispering Guide

Greetings Travelers and Captains, today we’re going to be looking at a guide to the Outworld Quest’s Proposal 1 Whispering section that’s part of the Honkai Impact x Genshin Impact crossover event. This one’s just a touch shorter and simpler than the last scene, so let’s hop into it!

Starting off, you’ll step forward and immediately be blocked by some moving trees. Kleeresa notes that they’ve never seen them do this before. Regardless, go speak to the big green tree nearby. It’ll inform you after a bit of dialogue that an evil tree is causing a mess in the forest, so he’ll let the other trees know to let you through to deal with the issue. Head south, and you’ll meet an NPC staring down some Pyro slimes.

Talk to him, and he’ll let you know he’s trapped and scared. Go take out some pyro slimes, which will light some braziers, and make your way south to talk to another tree. It turns out it was the same one. Not only that, but now it’s suicidal. I promise I’m not making this up.

After talking down a potential suicide victim, you can go grab the chest to the right that has 30 journals. The trees will shift again, leading you back to the NPC that was trapped. He reveals that a certain eyepatch-wearing chuuni was afoot nearby, so go talk to the nearby tree to ask what’s up. While it does announce the way forward, it also goes through a spiel of despair and philosophy. Try to leave, and it’s revealed that the tree is actually the Evil Tree and intends to keep you around as fertilizer. The chatty tree is just to the south, and reveals that he’s got a hidden path you can take. Start to follow it, though, and the evil tree comes to attack, scaring off the chatty tree and forcing you to run for safety forward.

Move forward, and you’ll have the evil tree following close til it gets to the braziers, the pyro slimes it, and it dies in a fire. You’ll now be able to harvest the stump it left behind, as well as some red crystals. Heading forward to the crystals, you’ll now be faced with Hilichurls that have no idea how to communicate. The language barrier leads to your next fight, a simple one against some “Hilichurls.” When you’re done with that, grab the chest for 30 journals, then talk to the chatty tree, who announces the forest safe and allows you to proceed. Before getting too ahead, though, take the shortcut and talk to the NPC. It turns out saving that stump’s remains from earlier is still handy because a traveling wizard clears out some excess blockage the evil tree left behind.

Claim the Luxurious Chest for 100 journals, then activate the Statue of the Seven for an Anemoculus. A short cutscene will play where you’ll now have the whole map free’d of blockades. Before heading out, there’s a challenge and a berry down near the south. The challenge is the Ley Line Myth, a hidden maze to follow.

In here, you can’t move the map any. Touch the glowing patches to rearrange the maze.

You’ll want to take the north path to a patch where you can have the maze change. The next patch will be right on the left and down one from where you emerged from.

Once you hit that patch, the maze will shift to allow you to grab the Luxurious Chest, and you’ll get some Rations, which are used to upgrade Keqing’s Artifacts! Once done there, retrace your steps back to the start.

There’s going to be a patch to the right this time. Hit that first to change the map, then follow the new path up just a bit north for another patch set against the very edge.

Follow that down for a wooden chest, then retrace your steps to the last maze change, then head northeast this time.

Hit that patch, then head east, then north to get a luxurious chest filled with some Paimon Coins and 100 journals. You’re done now with this floor, so let’s head to the next.

Start the next level, and be prepared to meet Prinzessin der Verurteilung, your next party member, and her faithful companion Oz that will be translating Fischl’s chuuni gibberish.

After a quick cutscene, you’ll move forward. You’ll meet the chatty tree again, who recounts an incident with the chuuni being foolhardy.

You’ll get to command Fischl for a short moment.

Head over to the Chatty Tree, where she talks to it and learns that there are four Anemo Shrines that need to be unsealed lest she falls victim to a trap. Fischl does not care and darts forward, traps be damned.

Back to the present time, the tree opens the path forward for you. Go east of the giant red crystal and make your way south.

The first shrine is here, but it is blocked by stones that Kleeresa can blast away. Activate the shrine, and two pink vines will vanish. Before heading out, though, there’s a hidden Luxurious Chest not far west of the shrine.

Head back to the weird red crystal, then move west this time, meeting up with the Chatty Tree, who mysteriously has more high-yield explosives for Klee.

You’ll need to gather them up, but just wander around that area a bit, and you’ll track them down. Get nearer to the south, and you’ll find another large red crystal. Examine it and prepare for a fight. While the Hellmaru is a bit tanky, just keep pounding into it. You can face-tank most of the damage it tries to deal without much issue.

After beating it, you’ll find a chest with what seems to be soda. With that out of the way, go just above the northmost rock there, and you will find the Chatty Tree again with another unique predicament. He can’t move, and there’s a much-needed keg behind him. You can try going around, and while there is another keg and a treasure chest with 30 journals in it, it’s not the correct way. No, instead, talk to it again, and you’ll feed the tree some of that soda you got from the Hellmaru fight.

That’ll be four for four, so get to blasting some rocks. The cutscene will trigger automatically, letting you get to the shrine. After another little scene, you’ll be on your way to controlling Fischl again.

Head to the left, and you’ll find a spiky Cryo fruit you can use to freeze the nearby lake. Do note that up at the north of the lake, there’s a little spot containing a berry, so grab that before you leave.

Cross the lake. Then you’ll move control back to the main party. Go east, and you’ll find that more vines have moved, leaving you able to explore the northeast section of the area. The Chatty Tree is in the way again, and after talking with it, you learn that you’re out of powder kegs.

Now you can switch freely between Fischl and the main party. Push one Powder Keg north a block, then two west to get it in the glowing yellow circle. Repeat the same for Fischl, but instead, moving it straight north.

You’ll see a short cutscene showing where the monster guarding the way before will now be ready to attack. Go into a little boss fight, now with Fischl thrown into the mix, and you’ll be about done. Just follow through a little cutscene, then head to the next floor!

On the next floor, you’ll notice an abundance of red crystals around, exchanging sparse dialogue. If you examine a nearby signpost, it’ll mention some Treasure Hoarders. Make short work of them, then head to the bridge with your new powder keg in tow. Try to make it too far on the bridge, though, and you’ll be jumped by remaining Treasure Hunters. Try to flee, and you’ll find that more Treasure Hoarders are coming from the other way for a pincer attack. Kleeresa decides to detonate the bridge, scattering the cannon-fodder and bridge parts alike. There’ll be a common chest and a luxurious one to swim to, with the common chest guarded by a sleeping Treasure Hoarder that’s right next to where the campfire was at the beginning of the map.

Luckily this one still has some semblance of a brain and lets you just have the treasure, knowing he’ll be next if he tries going against the party. I say semblance because the first thing he does after revealing where his clan hid their treasure is drown himself in the lake because he didn’t notice the bridge was gone.

Go get the luxurious chest next to the southern castle wall to get a new skill for Keqing called Celestial Shift.

Next, go to where you can break down a chunk of rock to get behind the wall for a berry and a golden circle that’ll take you to a common chest with 30 journals near the southwest portion of the map.

Now you can go grab the Luxurious Chest at the top of the map, which will give you 100 journals and one Paimon Coin.

And that’s all there is to this guide on Outworld Quest Proposal 1 Whispering! I hope you enjoyed it, and if you need to revisit the first part, you can find the guide to that here! That’s all for now, Travelers and Captains. This is Cory from HPP signing off.

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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