Final Fantasy VII Intergrade: How To Beat Every Hard Mode Fort Condor Challenge

There Is Only One Real Strategy To Master Fort Condor 


final fantasy vii remake fort condor


Even though there are lots of guides on the internet about how to complete the Fort Condor Challenge in Final Fantasy VII Intergrade, ultimately, as fun as it may be, it has a gigantic flaw. Especially when replaying the game on Hard mode difficulty. Because despite all the time spent finding and mastering a preferred deck, the final battle against the Grand Master is just about unwinnable. And, after spending hours of trying to beat the Grand Master in a fair fight, it became blatantly easy to realize what had to be done as it’s been staring at players directly in the face since the first tutorial. With this strategy, it’s actually effortless to beat any opponent in the game. You just need this straightforward yet perfect setup:

  • 1 Guard Dog
  • 1 Sentry Ray or Slug Ray


Yes. That’s it. Which, I’ll admit, is surprisingly embarrassing and completely counter-intuitive given how many units and fancy boards there are to collect – as most of these units you’ll start with at the beginning of the game. In fact, the goal for hard mode Fort Condor is to stop treating the minigame as a game, and just think of it as an all-out Zerg rush to easily beat any opponent 100% of the time. To do this, be sure to utilize a board with at least 3 ATB speed. The only two which fit that category in the game are the Assassin Board 3 (found in a chest while during the Zhijie chase) and the Grandmaster board (for beating every opponent in Normal mode). Once you have one of these equipped, just be sure to have Guard Dog and 1-or-2 distracting units to summon with it. The surefire strategy works like this:

  • First, summon Guard Dog on the left or right lane. Immediately it goes for the tower, which forces your opponent to respond or press on, though it ultimately doesn’t matter. 
  • Pay attention to the battle line. Once Guard Dog gets closer to the enemy base, summon a low-level sentry ray or slug ray in one of the corners. The goal is not to help Guard Dog, but rather, keep the battle line on the enemy’s side of the map as long as possible.
  • Soon after the first Guard Dog dies… you’ll have enough ATB to summon another one. Do it against the same tower you just attacked. It will soon go down.
  • Repeat the same steps of summoning a low-level unit to help maintain the battle line. Once this Guard Dog is down, summon another one. Eventually, your opponent will be overwhelmed. If they summon a spell to take down a Guard dog, use another low-level unit in a corner to keep the battle line. 
  • And then summon another Guard Dog. Doing this guarantees a win. You won’t even have to protect your base because the battle will be over almost instantly.


Now, I’ve tried every strategy you can imagine to defeat Grandmaster Chadley in a fair fight…and sadly, this is the only real way to guarantee a win. It also saves you oodles of time as Fort Condor in hard mode is much more difficult than normal, which was mostly just an entertaining challenge. 

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