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Look out below!

Hello Travelers! Cory from HPP here with the Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves Quest Guide for Genshin Impact! Get yer’ land-legs ready for a fight, because Beidou’s been waiting for a fierce challenger to join the Crux Clash!

Genshin Impact Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves Archon Quest Guide


Genshin Impact: Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves | Kazuha, Beidou

Wafting in the wind
A scent of body odor
Mixed with fresh bird turd

First of all is a little retrospection on the last Archon Quest. After some heart-to-heart with Paimon, you’re ready to start in on the next step of the journey: Getting to Inazuma. Paimon recalls an Inazuman local parked there at Liyue Harbor, so head down there and talk with Atsuko. After talking with her, you’ll learn that the only safe way to Inazuma is on the Crux Fleet, where you’ll finally get your chance to talk with Beidou. Head on over to the Guyun Stone Forest to speak with our favorite pirate captain.

Genshin Impact: Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves | Crux ship

Betcha forgot this was over here, ’cause I sure did!

A quick chat with her not only reveals that she’s got the ticket to Inzuma locked behind winning her yearly martial arts tournament, but that she’s picked up a little hitchhiker by the name of Kaedehara Kazuha that’s been waxing poetic most of his visit there.

Genshin Impact: Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves | Kazuha, intro

Pirate snark is best snark.

After some persuasion, Beidou convinces you to go get signed up for the tournament. So off you go to an island not too far off from the Domain there. You’ll need to talk with three potential opponents to size up the competition. You have a grand selection of two scam victims, a guy with an overblown ego, and someone so bog standard he should consider himself lucky anyone bothered rendering his character model. Not much to fear, so go ahead and head to Bhuzu to get signed up for the tournament and get into the arena for your first fight.

The Crux Clash


Genshin Impact: Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves | First fight

Oh, I almost feel bad for what I’m about to do to you. Almost.

The first fight is against Mr. Ego, and he really won’t be putting up a fight. You would actually have to try to fail this fight. You’ll be without any elemental powers, just just use your sword and dash here. Wipe the floor with the riff-raff, then speak to Beidou for a bit of a pep-talk, embellishing on how amazing you are before pushing you up to the semi-finals to get to the fun part. Your next opponent will be the dark horse of the tournament, Rongshi. He’s not much more of a fight, just dodge a few weak punches then slam into him.

Genshin Impact: Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves | Rongshi

You know what? You’re cool, old guy. You get to be spared.

That said, he takes his beatings with grace and loses like a champ, even going as far as to tell you a little hint about your final opponent. You’ll need to gather a bit more intel from the guys you talked to earlier that were getting ready to compete. With not much to learn, go speak to Beidou, who can’t give you much in the way of info, though Kazuha can. Against Beidou’s protest, the two take off for privacy, mainly so Kazuha can ponder on how the hell you manage to wield elements without a vision.

He’s gonna want you to beat up a few slimes to show off that elemental power of yours, so oblige with some slime mutilation. You’ll have three small Pyro slimes and a large one for the first wave. Second wave has two large Electro slimes, a large Cryo slime, and a large Hydro slime. Finish them off, then Kazuha takes the time to tell you a bit about Inazuma and how despotic it’s gotten.

When the lore drop is over, back to the arena you go with Kazuha in tow, only to find your competitor is running a bit late. Beidou tries to stall for time going over your achievements again, but the only good that brings is this absolutely adorable smile from Lumine.

Genshin Impact: Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves | Lumine

Absolute harbinger of reckoning. Cutest smile in the game next to Klee. What’s not to love?

Turns out the little sneak made off with the Vision when nobody was looking. Kazuha deduces that they haven’t wandered off too far, and judging from the wind current just a meter or two from the arena, he was entirely right. Follow the wind to a little island not far from the arena and pick up a small clue that’ll activate a wind gust leading to the next island. You’ll be on a lenient time limit,  follow the rings and you’ll be fine getting to some nasty Treasure Hoarders. Beat up the lackeys and head for the leader down the shoreline. Fei the Flyer doesn’t understand how he got caught, but is rightly peeved about that happening.

Genshin Impact: Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves | Kazuha

Well that escalated quickly!

Kazuha gets to ream into the coward and eventually convince him to just hand over what he stole. Unfortunately, Kazuha goes a bit overboard scaring the hell out of the guy with torture, so he tries to put up a fight. It’s just one Treasure Hoarder with a crossbow, so nothing you can’t handle, though he will have a slightly beefier health pool. Sock it to him and Kazuha reveals that he was literally just using the guy as a guinea pig for that deactivated Vision. He’ll finally let you in on the story behind that Vision, accompanied by some of Genshin’s spectacular animations, before being advised to head back to the arena.

Beidou’s been summoned by Lady Ningguang to be scolded for her Crux Clash turning sour, but in the meantime, you’re considered the new champion of the tournament, given your medal and assured a safe passage to Inazuma, thus ending the quest. The grand total for all rewards on this quest’s entirety are 2150 Adventurer XP, 103625 Mora, 9 Hero’s Wit, 18 Mystic Enhancement Ore, 60 Primogems, and 2 Guides each of Prosperity, Diligence, and Gold!

That’s it for our Autumn Winds and Scarlet Leaves guide. We’re getting closer and closer to getting to see Inazuma! Are you excited? Let us know in the comments below! And in the meantime, should you happen to pull a certain autumn samurai, check out the guide we have for how to set up and use him to his fullest right here! If you’re looking to test him out, try out the Legend of Vagabond Sword, which we’ve covered here!

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