Final Fantasy VII Intergrade: Pride And Joy Mk 0.5 Guide

Pride And Joy Is Easy; It’s Bahamut That is Hard

bahamut is the first fight in the final fantasy vii intergrade pride and joy mark 0.5 battle

Making its return in Final Fantasy VII Intergrade, Pride and Joy was a boss battle featured in the original Final Fantasy VII Remake. Though this time, it’s even harder than ever before. Defeating this challenge grants not just one, but two Gotterdammerungs, which is easily the best item in the game. It’s also essential for hard mode bosses, particularly in making the Nero and Weiss fights a lot easier. 

Like in the Final Fantasy VII Remake classic, the biggest challenge of this battle is yet again defeating Bahamut. This should be achievable so long as you keep attacking the king of dragons while it is in the pressured state. To do this easily, a popular method is to toss Yuffie’s shuriken with a triangle throw until it grinds on the enemy and uses a forward triangle retrieve to close the gap. Immediately sync with Sonon and spam regular attacks until pressured, and you see both characters almost doing a repetitive jumping attack movement (this is how you know you’re doing it right). It should be noted, however, that above all else: Sonon must survive at all times during these battles as he’s the only one able to revive Yuffie when she is knocked out.

Staggering Bahamut is the only way to stop its Megaflare attack, which, if it pulls off after conducting its countdown, basically wipes out the party in one fell attack. Bahamut also summons Ifrit near the end of the battle, though this summon can be mostly ignored so long as elemental material+fire is equipped, making nearly all of Ifrit’s attacks null and void. After Bahamut is down, easily take down Ifrit using elemental ninjutsu: Ice. 

To beat Ramuh in part two, simply attack with Yuffie from a distance and use wind elemental attacks. When staggered, close the distance and synch with Sonon to use Windstorm. Throughout all of this, heal absolutely when necessary as well, either with Healing materia, chakra, or Pray. 


This Junk Is Nothing To Be Proud About

pride and joy mark 0.5


This same strategy for Ramuh goes for Pride and Joy, except this time hit it with Electric elemental Ninjutsu attacks. Also, use the Brumal form to avoid beam cannon. Now is also a great time to use Thundaga and summon Ramuh, as it does tremendous damage. Finally, the best fully leveled materia to bring for this challenge are:

  • Healing+Magnify
  • Revival (Yuffie)
  • Fire+Elemental (Yuffie)
  • Lightning 
  • HP Ups 
  • MP Ups
  • Ramuh
  • Steadfast Block (Sonon as his ATB charges slowly)
  • A Prayer/Chakra

The rest is up to the player, but these are absolutely essential. Also, I’d avoid putting auto-cure on Sonon as it’s better to utilize his ATB with stronger heals. 

Like our Final Fantasy VII Intergrade Pride and Joy guide? Let us know your thoughts, and feel free to check out our review of Final Fantasy VII Episode Intermission.

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