Girls’ Frontline Protocol Assimilation Center Guide

Take Command of the Coalition with this Girls’ Frontline Protocol Assimilation Center Guide


Greetings Commanders, Cory from HPP here to take a look at a guide on the Protocol Assimilation Center for Girls’ Frontline, set to drop on June 29th.

Girls’ Frontline Protocol Assimilation Center Guide

The first thing to note is where this thing will be in your base. On the dropdown base menu, it’ll be directly to the right of the Forward Exploration. You can also find it in the map overview of your Base, as seen below.

Girls Frontline, Protocol Assimilation Center, Overview

You might be wondering what this thing even is in the first place. Even if you’ve only played the first couple of missions, you should be aware of the Sangvis Ferri, the main antagonistic force for the first chunk of the series. Well, the PAC gives the ability to capture the S.F. forces for your use! You can capture one-star, two-star, and three-star units, and you can even upgrade all of them all the way to five-star. All of these units can be added into special Echelons called Coalition Echelons.

Of course, to get there, you’ll need to get familiar with a few new stations you can level up that will be necessary to how the PAC runs. First is the Impulse Generator:

This is what gives you Electronic Impulses, a necessity for doing an S.F. capture. You can hold up to 14 of these Electric Impulses, with one generating every 12 hours.

Next is the Bilateral Infusion Drive, where a Coalition Unit can consume Transfer Catalysts, moving their level, stats, and dummy links over to a more suitable body. This is basically used to retire old Coalition Units in favor of better ones without needing to sink a bunch of repeat materials. Be warned, though, this is by no means a cheap procedure, requiring somewhere around nineteen One Star unit retirements to fund.

The Tactical Chip Research Station is where you can get Tactical Chips, not too unlike what the HOCs have but for Ringleaders instead. They cost 1000 batteries per and can take anywhere from five minutes to an hour to make, but the buffs they can give to your Echelons are well worth it. The Ringleaders share the pool, but a chip can only be equipped to one Ringleader at a time.

Now, how do we go about capturing our new S.F. buddies? To start with, take a look at the screen below:

Inside the PAC room, at the bottom right, you’ll have the Capture Operation button that will take you to where you’ll be conducting operations.



I know there’s a lot going on here, so one step at a time, alright?


  1. At the upper right, you’ll notice a rather long timer. That is how long it’s gonna take for you to build up another Electronic Impulse, or, in gacha terms, how long til you get another chance at rolling for another S.F. unit. You can hold 14 Electronic Impulses, but any extras you get will also be displayed up here. The recharge is based on how upgraded your facilities are for the PAC.
  2. See the little drone? He allows you to refresh all the capture options once every three days.
  3. You’ll notice a red bar that’ll say XX/100, that’s showing you how many units are left in the current pool and how much time you have left to sift through it. Each capture, successful or not, drains a unit from the pool, and chewing through those numbers will get you closer and closer to seeing the Ringleader show up amongst those three you can choose from the target for Standard Capture.
  4. These are pools where you can capture S.F, which will show how many captures are left and how much time you have left there. They’ll have 100 each, draining one by one as you make capture attempts. If you manage to pull the Ringleader, you can refresh the whole pool back to 100 again for a chance to roll duplicate Ringleaders.
  5. Down at the bottom, you’ll see what units are in a pool and how many of them are left. (You can scroll on the white part to see more unit types)
  6. You’ll see three of these units at any time. Those are where you press to start a standard capture.
  7. This button here leads to the Kernal shop. Basically, a shop where you can get goodies for your Coalition Units, but more on that later.


If you tap on any of the three icons, you’ll be prompted to start a Standard Capture and consume an Electronic Impulse. Watch the short little clip and see if you got what you were gunning for! That’s all there is to a Standard Capture! Keep in mind that captures aren’t always guaranteed to succeed. One Star units have a 100% guarantee for a successful capture, Two Star units have a 50% chance to capture, and Three Star Ringleaders have only a 25% chance at capture. Should you fail for any reason, you’ll earn resources, batteries, or data instead, though even failures will still take one unit out of the pool.

Should you not have any Electronic Impulses, one other way to do captures is through the Aided Capture. It’s an instant pull for the Captures, where you try to pull anywhere from 1 to 10 units at once using Aid Contracts instead of chewing through your vital Electronic Impulses. The thing is, this will pull anything it can from the pool, so it’s not targeted at all and more Gacha than anything. If you feel lucky and got the tickets, though, go for it, there’s no harm at all in thinning the unit pool.

When this thing first drops, you’ll be seeing two different available pools. The first one is S09 Sangvis Outpost, featuring the Ringleader Scarecrow.


The other is S09 S.F. Base Perimeter bringing the Ringleader Executioner.

Making Echelons is changed quite a bit when you’re working with Coalition Echelons. For one thing, they have eight different slots you can stick your lower-ranked units. Duplicates are absolutely allowed as well, meaning if you want two sets of Manticores, go for it! You can only have one leader, though, and she’ll have her own special spot, meaning you can get a grand total of nine spots you place people. You do have a cap, though, of how much power you’re putting in those things, keeping you from overloading it with overpowered units.

Cultivating Success


The next big thing is how to make these newly captured S.F. units stronger than they were. This is done in the Cultivation Center, and there are four ways to make your units a little stronger.

The first way is through Peak Value Analysis, which is pretty much T-Doll Enhancement with a new name that only the Coalition Units can use.

You can only do this by giving up duplicates, but should you have your unit all perfectly upgraded. You can dismantle the dupes instead for certain items. Dismantling One Star units gives Dark Star Kernals, while Two Star units give out Supernova Kernals, both of which can be exchanged at the Kernal Store for Cultivation Materials.

The second way is through Rapid Growth, which is essentially feeding the units Combat Reports called Rapid Growth Disks to level them up.



Next is through Ether Development, where you use the Petri Dishes you can get from the Kernal Store or from the new Combat Drills. When units reach certain levels, they can get a dose of these Petri Dishes and go up a Star in value. This can give them new skills, both active and passive.

The final way is through Skill Training, using either Basic Training Keycodes or Advanced Training Keycodes.

There’s also been new Combat Drills that have been added just for the PAC called Coalition Drills that give out Cultivation Materials based on how quickly you complete them. There are three types and three corresponding rewards: Defense Training (Rapid Growth Discs), Adjustment Exercises (Petri Dishes), and Decoding Practice (Training Keycodes). All three give out something different as a reward, and you can even still earn 90% of your rewards if you fail.

Thing is, these drills have a slight twist to them: You can only use T-Dolls from a batch of them that circulates every week. All of the T-Dolls will be level 100, fully Dummy Linked, and be appropriately equipped, meaning all you have to do is have an understanding of team synergy, and you’ll do fine. You can use the Auto-Assignment option down below, but sometimes the game can be pretty hit-or-miss with setting up properly balanced teams.

One final note to keep in mind with making the best of the Coalition Units is that they do not get multiplied combat experience from getting Dummy Links, and their static 360 Ration/Ammo cost makes it a really bad idea to try corpse-dragging with them. Just stick with the Rapid Growth Discs; the risk of trying to farm combat experience is way too high and time-consuming.

Love and War

I’m sure you’re all wondering if there’s any love for the enemy, and I’m here to confirm that yes, you can totally Oath a Ringleader. Get their Affection to 140 after that, and they get a 10% buff to their attributes. You can also set them to be your Adjutant (you can do this with any Coalition Unit), or even hang out with your favorite Ringleaders in the Dorms too.

If you have a killer Coalition Echelon you want to share with others, there’s now a way to share those too as a Friend Echelon! They’ll have everything available to them like normal, save for any Strategy Skills or Chip Skills that need to be manually activated.

The first thing to note is that a Coalition Echelon can be deployed anywhere a normal echelon can. That said, you can’t use them for Auto Battles, Combat Simulations, or Logistics. As for fighting, the Coalition units are a bit different to command than a normal T-Doll. Most notably, not all of them have guns, and even if they do, they don’t always attack just by normal set-and-forget shooting. How far away a unit can shoot from is shared amongst the echelon and is based on whoever has the farthest line of sight.

Melee units are a bit different, as they have three different strategies you can command them to do.


  • Charge: Individual units leave position, move forward, beat the hell out of whatever’s in the way, then continue until they either hit the maximum detection range or kill everything.
  • Destroy: Head to the nearest unit. Then everyone goes after that one unit til it dies, rinse and repeat til they hit max detection range or kill everything.
  • Defend: Hold the line, attack any who approach. If in the middle of Charge/Destroy, stop and head back to where they were and hold the line.


As for skills, there are a few to note, but we’ll start with the most basic, Combat Skills.


  • Combat Skill: Operates the exact same as a T-Dolls, let it loose, then wait for the recharge before letting it off again.
  • Strategy Skill: Operates very similarly to Fairy Skills. You’ll see them on the map overview when you have someone in the leader’s position of the echelon that has such skills.
  • Support Skill: A bit like Strategy Skills, except they get to act like HOCs and provide support fire (Warning: This costs ammo and rations!)


Notably, all units have a different amount of skills. There’s a lot to take in for these, so keep track of them as you level up your Coalition Units.

A few extra things to keep in mind are the repair times and cost, as well as the resource consumptions and resupply rates. Resupply is calculated by the echelon as a whole and tied to the max echelon cost. For repair, you can repair the whole echelon or just certain members, just like normal, and Quick-Repair Contracts can be used on them too. If you retreat them at a Heliport, they keep leftover ammo and rations, retreat them mid-battle, and they lose everything. For all rights and purposes, they operate very similarly to traditional echelons otherwise.

Helluva procedure for all this, but the chance to own your enemies is a glorious one, sure to keep us all busy. You can read up on the rest of the June 29th maintenance update here, and be sure to stay tuned as I continue gathering all the intel I can. This is Commander Cory, signing off!

Cory Clark
With a passion for all things musical, a taste for anti-gravity racing, and a love for all things gacha, Cory is a joyful and friendly gamer soaking up any little gem to come to his little Midwestern cornfield. An avid collector of limited editions with an arsenal of imported gaming trinkets he's absorbed into his wardrobe, he's usually always near his trusty gaming rig if he's not on his PS4 or Xbox One. And when he's not gaming, he's watching anime off his big screen with his lap lion Stella purring away.

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