Genshin Impact 1.7 Abyss Leaks and Sacred Sakura’s Favor Rewards

Staring into the Abyss with Genshin Impact 1.7 Abyss Lineup Leaks


Hello Travelers, Cory from HPP here to fill you in on the latest leaks for Genshin Impact, this time focusing on the leaked lineup for the Abyss coming up in 1.7. Many of these enemies haven’t even been fully detailed yet, so take everything with a grain of salt. Without further delay, let us hop right in!

Genshin Impact 1.7 Abyss Leaks and Sacred Sakura’s Favor Rewards


We’ll take a look at the Abyss floors starting from floor nine. All of these pictures courtesy of @abc64real.

Courtesy of @abc64real and shared by @SsukunaaA (

The ninth floor here doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary, so no worries on that front.

There’s a lot of the same for the tenth floor, but this floor is where Inazuma’s finest start showing up, with Electro Abyss Mages and an Electro Samachurl. While we’ve yet to see the finer details, if I had to wager a guess with Ayaka being the main highlight for Inazuma, I’d say Cryo’s going to be the best bet with dealing with these guys.

Courtesy of @abc64real and shared by @SsukunaaA (

Now onto the eleventh floor, where we get to see even more of the Electro squad, with an Electro Whopperflower and some more Electro infused ‘Churls.

Courtesy of @abc64real and @SsukunaaA (

There’ll be a Crackling Axe Mitachurl and a Thunderhelm Lawachurl, which @abc64real covered with some gameplay footage a while back:


So while Cryo’s still a keeper, Overload damage is not going to be a lightly taken force itself.

Finally, we go to the twelfth floor, where we enter full Inazuma mode with many brand new natives to consider dealing with. Chamber 2’s already got things we’ve discussed, including the Maguu Kenki, but that first chamber is where some strange things are.

Genshin Impact, Abyss, 1.7, Floor 12

Courtesy of @abc64real and @SsukunaaA (

The only thing I know there’s footage of is the Mirror Maiden, a strange Fatui mage that seems to have powers over water and, in turn, reflections. If you guys have any news on the other strangers of Inazuma in that first chamber, put a comment down below.

She’s suggested to be a damage reflector, you need to basically kill hard and fast or she’ll make the damage come back on you. Again, this is all speculation and definitely up to the possibility of changing.

Now let’s look at the last chamber for floor twelve because there’s even more strangeness in there.

Courtesy of @abc64real and @SsukunaaA (

If you head over to the Honey Wiki, there’s a bit of scarce info and stats on these new Ruin mechanisms, all of this hinting that Inazuma’s going to have a lot of lore to learn about these ancient machines. The Cruiser I’m unsure about other than Honey Wiki’s description telling it to be some kind of honeybee hive, the Defender is said to be focused on forward-facing shields, and the Scout I’ve heard rumors about appearing as a jellyfish-like machine. The machines taking after various creatures bring to mind Horizon: Zero Dawn and make me curious about what function they’re serving.

While that’s all for the Abyss, I have found a bit more little tasty nuggets lingering around the Twitter feeds.

First of all is the rewards that have been leaked for leveling up Inazuma’s Statue of the Seven, called “Sacred Sakura’s Favor.”

Courtesy of @abc64real (

Courtesy of @projectcelestia

Those rewards are just incredible, and I really hope they stick true to them because this’d trounce any rewards selection we’ve gotten before.

We’ve also got some more pictures of Yae Sakura, standing about as an NPC.

That’ll about do it for this run of leaks here. Excited for some new Abyss floors that aren’t going to mercilessly difficult? Or maybe, more interested in the stellar rewards from the Sacred Sakura’s Favor? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, this has been the Genshin Impact 1.7 Abyss Leaks! Cory from HPP, signing off!


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