The Massive JAST USA Summer Sale Begins

Time to Cool Down and Find Some Love with the JAST USA Summer Sale

JAST USA Summer Sale | Banner

Summer may not start for another few days but, don’t tell that to JAST USA. The visual novel and eroge publisher has decided that the best way for you to cool down is with some of their games. With prices ranging between $31.99 – $1.25, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something you like. Please keep in mind, however, that these titles are 18+ due to sexual content. So, only check out these deals if that’s something you’re both comfortable with and are legally able to do so in your jurisdiction. That said, here are a few suggestions.


JAST USA Summer Sale | Eiyu*Senki Gold

Eiyu*Senki Gold – A New Conquest – $29.99 (25% off)


What’s a summer without a little conquest? Eiyu*Senki Gold has you take the role of a young man who washes up on the shores of a country called Zipang. After assisting Masamune Date, who adopts you as their brother, in unifying Zipang you set out to bring the world under your banner. Along the way, you’ll fight in turn-based army battles, journey across the globe, and meet lots of historical figures. All of which are women. Yes, even Masamune Date. I reviewed this one for Hey Poor Player and it’s a game I eagerly recommend if you want some gameplay mixed with your VNs. Plus, at 25%-off it’s not a bad deal. Also, the original Eiyu*Senki is available for $14.00 (65% off).


JAST USA Summer Sale | Demonbane

Deus Machina Demonbane – $15.00 (50% Off)


Demonbane is one of those titles that you may have heard of. Especially if you’re either a fan of old-school VNs or mecha series. In short, Demonbane has you forming a contract with a young girl named Al-Azif. Who, in turn, is a powerful grimoire. Specifically the Necronomicon. While this grants you the boon of some powerful magic, it also ends up activating the titular Demonbane. Will you be able to keep Arkham City city from the Lovecraftian hordes that are about to be unleashed? Or is the Demonbane just too much to handle?


JAST USA Summer Sale | The Fruit of Grisaia

The Fruit of Grisaia – $16.00 (60% off)


Another eroge classic up there among the ranks of Fate/stay night. The Fruit of Grisaia follows Yuuji Kazami. A young man who enrolls in Mihama Academy. However, Mihama is not your normal school, and Yuuji not your average student. You see, Mihama only has five other students besides him, all girls. However, things are not as they seem. Everyone seems to have a troubled past of some sort. Can Yuuji find some semblance of normal life here? Or will his job as a ‘cleaner’ for the underworld prove to be too much for him to emotionally and psychologically overcome?


JAST USA Summer Sale | Sweet Pool

sweet pool – $12.50 (50% off)


Not in the mood for a romance with girls? How about a tragic Boys Love horror title from the masters at Nitro+ CHiRAL? sweet pool tells the tale of Youji Sakiyama. Youji has been in the hospital for a year due to health issues. Upon returning to his Catholic school, however, he starts to have some vivid hallucinations. At the same time two other young men, Tetsuo and Zenya, seem to take an interest in him. Get ready for a horrifically beautiful time as you try to solve these mysteries in sweet pool.


JAST USA Summer Sale | Highway Blossoms Remastered

Highway Blossoms Remastered – $4.42 (66% off)


Let’s end things off with a yuri road trip! Highway Blossoms Remastered is a VN that was so good it was ranked 21st in our Top 25 Games of 2018. The story follows a young woman named Amber as she drives down the road in her RV. Soon enough she comes across Marina, who has had the unfortunate luck of breaking down along the side of the road. While Amber doesn’t really want to get involved with anyone and would rather just keep to herself, she also just can’t abandon the helpless Marina. Soon though, Amber finds herself involved in a modern-day treasure hunt. Will she find not just gold, but a bit of love?  That’s up to you to find out in this awesome adventure.

Find anything that catches your interest? Have any other suggestions for your fellow readers? Want to let us know what you grabbed from the JAST USA Summer Sale? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! Happy gaming!

Benny Carrillo
A gamer since the days of the NES and SNES and a reporter since 2015. This hat-wearing otaku loves niche Japanese games, but has a soft spot for visual novels, Super Robot Wars, Mega Man, yuri, and Nepgear. Benny has covered E3 and Anime Expo since 2015 and served as Operation Rainfall’s Visual Novel Manager. Now, this seasoned reporter spends his days trying to clear his epic backlog in between writing analytical articles and reviews.

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