Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act 4 Challenge Guide

Set and Spike in Genshin Impact’s Act 4 Challenge for the Midsummer Island Adventure Event!


Hello Travelers, Cory from HPP here to give you the heads up for this Genshin Island Challenge Guide, featuring Act 4’s challenge of the Midsummer Island Adventure Event!

Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act 4 Challenge Guide

This one’s short and simple, operating similarly to the first Act’s challenge. A cycle of six Hilichurl camps will pop up around the islands, and your goal is to blow them all up using the Harpastum balls. Things to keep in mind here are that all six locations of the Act 4 challenge will have different enemies, and they’ll be beefed up based on your world level, making abusing the burning balls vital to chunking their health down.

There are three different types of balls that you can make from any crafting table, Hot Pods, Straight Shots, and Floatie Splodies, each doing a different kind of damage.

Hot Pods are exclusively for anything hiding behind a shield, though admittedly, I haven’t found it too effective. This recipe requires 1 Flaming Flower Stamen and 1 Lizard Tail.

However, the Floatie Splodies, while not doing damage over time through Pyro, instead act like a fragmentation grenade and have been completely successful at dropping damn near anything I’ve thrown them at. Just aim it at the thing you want to not live anymore and let ‘er fly. This recipe requires 1 Flaming Flower Stamen and 1 Luminescent Spine.

The Straight Shots try a large AOE of pyro, but the damage is pretty negligible compared to the results you can get from the other two. This recipe requires 1 Flaming Flower Stamen and 1 Frog.

Each recipe will require different materials, but all of them will require Flaming Flower Stamen. While you can go to Liyue or Mondstadt to get some if you’re low, there are a few spots in the archipelago I’ve found them at. If you need ’em and need ’em quick, check these spots out.


This gallery will show you a little more clearly where they are in the spots listed.


Here’s the full list of Locations and what enemies you’ll face there. Each battle gives you 300 Mini-Harpastums for the Event Store. If there are multiple lines in an entry, that means they are divided into waves of enemies.

  1. Minacious Isle-
    One Hydro Samachurl, Two Large Cryo Slimes
    Two Ice Shield Hilichurls, One Ice Shield Mitachurl
  2. Pudding Isle-
    Stonehide Lawachurl, One Each of the Geo and Hydro Samachurl
  3. Pudding Isle-
    Icehide Lawachurl, Two Cryo Hilichurls
  4. Twinning Isle-
    Three Hilichurls, Two Pyro Archers
    Three Red Hilichurs, Electro Archer, Anemo Samachurl
    One Anemo Samachurl, Four Red Hilichurls
  5. Twinning Isle-
    Three Cryo Archers, One Hilichurl, One Hydro Samachurl
    Two normal Hilichurls, Two Red Hilichurls, One Hydro Samachurl
    Four Red Hilichurls, One Cryo Archer Hilichurl
  6. Broken Isle-
    Three Hilichurls, Two Large Cryo Slimes
    Two Ice Shield Hilichurls, One Ice Shield Mitachurl

See the gallery below for pictures of the locations on the map.

That’s all for this Genshin Island Challenge Guide, but if you need some help with the other act challenges, check out our guides on Act 1’s challenge or Act 2’s challenge, or if you haven’t even started in on the event, this is the perfect time and perfect place to start, so check out our guide! This has been another helpful guide for Genshin Impact, and this is Cory from HPP signing off!


Cory Clark
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