TerraGenesis: How to Use the Lagrange Academy

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terragenesis lagrange academy

“Fixed in orbit at the L4 Lagrange point, the Lagrange Academy literally leads the world in higher education. Elite enough to carry incalculable prestige but large enough to educate vast swaths of public servants, entertainers, lawmakers and regular citizens, this facility will allow for an unprecedented level of cultural guidance, transforming our global culture from a rigid set of traditions into a fluid, adaptable entity.”

— TerraGenesis Lagrange Academy Screen

Like a floating Library of Alexandria, the Lagrange Academy is a theoretical facility that would house all of humanity’s collected knowledge. In TerraGenesis, it’s one of five satellites you can build in Normal mode (satellites are unavailable on Beginner mode). Building it will allow you to adjust your culture sliders for free without spending any culture points.

Want to build a Lagrange Academy in your TerraGenesis game? Here’s how:

Lagrange Academy

First, you’re going to need to get to a place in your game where you can actually build the Lagrange Academy, meaning you’ll need to double check you’ve researched and built the spaceport facility. Assuming you’ve got at least one spaceport constructed, you can now open up the satellites menu from the satellites hex button. From here, choose the Lagrange Academy, which will set you back 50,000,000 credits (you’ll get a 50% discount if you choose the UNSA as your faction). Build time will take around 36 hours, with factors such as governors and culture affecting the speed of construction. You can also rush building the satellite for Genesis Points.

Once the Lagrange Academy has finished construction, you can now utilize it by tapping the Culture Hex button from the main menu. From here, you can now adjust your world’s culture at will; for example, if you need to focus on rapid biomass growth, you can now max out the Ecological and Transformation sliders at the expense of Industrial and Conservation leanings. These adjustments can be further changed at any time on this world for the rest of the game.

Still lost? Check out this helpful tutorial video from the TerraGenesis developers:

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