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I played a lot of great titles thanks to Freedom Games. But one of my favorites was Coromon. I’m sure many of you are made instantly suspicious due to the title. But let me assure you right out of the gate – this is NOT a mere Pokémon clone. It’s very far from it. That said, Coromon certainly may have been inspired by the monster collecting craze. It’s just learned from the mistakes of its predecessors and created a truly captivating game.

See, I’m as big a Pokémon fan as the next 80’s kid. But when you stay with a series for this long, you start to notice the cracks. The things that could (and should) be improved, but which aren’t. It’s very apparent to me Coromon has been paying attention to such things, and finding ways to streamline and improve them. For example, your creatures learn a variety of attacks. And though they can only take 4 attacks into battle at once, you don’t have to forget all their other skills. Instead, you can go to a handy menu and disable or enable any of them you wish. It’s a brilliant decision that’s very representative of the rest of my experience with the E3 demo.

Coromon | Critters

At the beginning of the demo, you customize your avatar and chose your name. Then you’ll head off to work at Lux Solis, a technologically superior company searching for something called Titan Essence. Titans are massive creatures that bend the very elements to their will. No, they’re not legendary Coromon. They’re something else altogether, and they are powerful creatures. I got to fight one of them, Sart the Sand Titan, at the end of my demo. And not only was it an unexpectedly epic battle, it was one that forced me to learn quick and adapt to the strategy of the game. But more on that later.

I was instantly captivated by the plot of the game. It’s far more ambitious than most recent Pokémon games. It’s a world of humans clawing their way to untold capability, and an intersection between super science and ancient ruins. While it’s true I didn’t get to see too much of the story, thanks to some convenient time jumps, what I did see has me hungry for more. The vast majority of the demo took place in a Egyptian-themed temple, where I had to find and defeat Sart.

Coromon | Explore

One thing I really liked about Coromon was the art style. It’s decidedly retro, and obviously inspired by the GBA era. It reminds me of the classic Pokémon games, but with a bit more color and style. There’s also tons of fun little touches in the game, such as the emojis used to indicate character’s emotional states. Though exploring the ruins featured simple top down sprites, the models in combat are much more complex, and frankly gorgeous. I had a team of 6 Coromon at my disposal, and they couldn’t have been more different. There was a spiny snake called Slitherpin (my MVP), as well as an amphibious shark, and even a two headed hydra Coromon. And besides all looking very different, they also had distinct combat specialties.

Coromon | Combat 1

Each Coromon has a different type and specialty. Some were capable of boosting one stat when another was lowered; another would slow enemies every time they were attacked. I loved Slitherpin cause he could boost his defense and poison foes. He could also feast on their health, restoring his SP (Stamina Points). Which brings me to another way Coromon has improved on old formulas and ideas. You don’t have to heal your stamina with items. You’re more than welcome to, and can even overboost it that way. But you can also rest for a turn to recover some stamina. So you’ll never have a monster completely handicapped by the inability to fight. Just keep in mind, your foes can recover their stamina the same way, including the Titans themselves.

I also appreciated how intuitive the game was. You could bring up information of your battling Coromon at any time during battle, getting the skinny on their attacks and specialty. You’ll also find some Coromon that let you allocate stat points occasionally when they level up. And best of all, there’s different rarities of each species of Coromon. Think Shiny Pokémon, but with another tier higher than that. Oh and did I mention the super rare ones can become unstoppable fighting machines?

Coromon | Combat 2

Though the demo was focused on learning the nuances of the combat in the game, there were some other things to do. I had to avoid deadly traps in the temple I traversed, including darts that fired from the walls. If they hit me, I’d have to try again. So I learned patience as I navigated deadly gauntlets of traps. I also had to manipulate some ancient mechanisms to open a path forward, as well as using my futuristic technology to push stones around. It was a fun diversion, but the main event was my battle against Sart.

Despite being very talkative, Sart was no pushover. He looked like a creature made of sand topped with bull horns and a singular eyeball. I fought him, avoiding sand streams and crushing boulders. Then as I was getting his health pretty low, the devious Titan summoned minions! I managed to take down his two crocodile critters, and fought Sart tooth and nail, but finally was victorious. It was a spectacular fight, and one of many to come in the main game.

Coromon | Combat 3

I really had an amazing time with Coromon. This has the potential to be the true Pokémon killer that many other games have dreamed of becoming. If the demo is anything to go by, the main game will not only be polished, but quite fun. When you add in some 100+ creatures to capture, optional difficulty settings and a lengthy campaign, I’m officially excited. If you’re a fan of monster collecting mayhem, you need to check Coromon out later this year.

Josh Speer
Got my start in the industry at oprainfall, but been a game fanatic since I was young. Indie / niche advocate and fan of classics like Mega Man, Castlevania and Super Metroid. Enjoys many genres, including platformers, turn based / tactical RPGs, rhythm and much more. Champion of PAX West and Knight of E3.

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