Genshin Impact From Outer Lands Guide

Half, for Now, Half for Later

Genshin Impact, ship wreckage, guide

Greetings Travelers, today we’ll be looking at a guide for the Genshin Impact sidequest, From Outer Lands! This sidequest is relatively easy to start, but details an Inazuma ship bisected by the wretched waves. So without further ado, let’s hop right in!

Genshin Impact From Outer Lands Guide

Genshin Impact, From Outer Lands, wreckage, first location

Your first objective will be fairly easy to find, the rear half of the ship nestled in an island situated between the Twinning Isle and Pudding Isle.


There’ll be a rather large ship that looks torn in half. Get near it, and you should see a prompt to read some writing that’s etched in a “Slightly Damaged Wooden Plank.” It’ll detail what happened to the crewmates and how they got separated. If you pay attention to the dialogue, their half of the ship made its way southeast, meaning the other half should be to the northwest.

Adding to that, if you check out the Echoing Conch next to that part of the wreck, it’ll be revealed that this very ship was the one that deposited the Maguu Kenki into the archipelago.

The thing is that half got stuck a little higher in the air. So head to the location known as the Nameless Island, where a challenge will be below to destroy three walls in a Harpastum mini-game.

Genshin Impact, second wreckage location

Succeed with that, and you’ll earn a gust of wind that’ll take you to the peak of the mountain there.

Genshin Impact, wall challenge, From Outer Lands

Up at the top, you’ll check out the front half of the ship, examining a “Slightly Rotten Wood Plank” for the second half of this puzzle.

Genshin Impact, second wreckage piece


Now you’ll need to track down where the treasure is because why else would you be scavaging decaying ships? It’s suggested that the treasure should be somewhere between the two halves. The yellow area you’ll be searching is pretty wide, but just look for some rock outcrops that have ship pieces, and you’ll have a small bubble nearby you can investigate. There are three different areas to investigate. You’ll need to investigate all three, but the order doesn’t matter.

One is near the northwest rim of the circle.

Genshin Impact, treasure hunt, location one, From Outer Lands

Another is going to be slightly north of the center.

Genshin Impact, treasure hunt, location two

The last one will be towards the southeastern edge of the circle.

Genshin Impact, treasure hunt, location three, From Outer Lands

Once you pop all three of those bubbles, you’ll be greeted by a rather annoyed Defense Mechanism that doesn’t take too kindly to you rooting through its owners’ stuff.

Genshin Impact, defense mechanism, treasure hunt

Counter its icy barrage with some cannon fire, and a Luxurious Chest will be yours to take.

Having fun finding that sweet pirate booty? Let us know in the comments below, and if you’re itching to guide yourself to Act II, check out our main quest coverage here!





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