Genshin Impact Broken Isle Puzzle Guide

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Greetings Travelers, Cory from HPP, bringing a few helpful notes in a new guide focused on Genshin Impact’s Broken Isle Puzzle! With not a single quest tailored to it, it’s easy to miss this little journey. So without further delay, let’s hop right in.

Genshin Impact Broken Isle Puzzle Guide

You’ll first want to have Act II’s main quest done so you can actually see all of the islands you’ll need to visit in the Broken Isle. If you haven’t done that Act II main quest, we did a guide for it that you can visit here. Heading to the middle of the Broken Isle, you’ll see a group of little stones laid into the ground and a quintuplet of columns from an age-old ruin.

You’ll notice that five corresponding mountains are encroaching this area as well, all matching the pillars and the inlaid rocks. You’ll need to venture to the peaks of these mountains to find little pools with deep, white gashes in them to mark their water levels, and thus, what sound they’ll make. Near each of these pools are up and down buttons in the guise of rocks that will be how you adjust the water levels. Again, we’ll start from the upper left and move counter-clockwise.

The first island will need to be set to the middle gash.

The second island will need to be set to the highest gash.

For the middle-most island, the one with the Waypoint, you’ll be setting to the lowest gash.

The fourth island will need to be set to the middle gash.

As for the fifth island, you’ll notice something’s a bit off. There’s no water in it! This is an easy fix, as it’s all just above you in a little pool with a stone dam you can bust with a claymore user. Break the dam, and you’ll get the water you need. It’ll need to be set to the lowest setting.

After that, head back to the main area with the columns and five stones. Look at it with the central mountain to your back, and you’ll notice there are some gashes on the back of the ruin pillars. That’s the order you’ll need to play the notes for the puzzle to be completed. After a brief cutscene, you’ll be treated to a catchy little melody announcing the arrival of your much-needed loot.

There’ll be two Precious Chests and one Luxurious chest waiting for you, so dig in!

Feel like that reward is singing to your tune? Perhaps the sound of more loot’s to your liking then, so check out more of our guides for other quests or the main Act II quest if you haven’t done so yet! For now, though, this’ll be Cory from HPP, signing off!




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