Genshin Impact A Trip Through Fog and Wind Guide

Swing and a Mist

Greetings Travelers, time to take a trip through the fog and the wind in the latest sidequest guide for Genshin Impact! No doubt by now, you’ve seen this elusive island far to the north, shrouded by a dark mist and encompassed by whirlpools. Any attempts to near this illusionary isle will be met with a dark screen, a message telling you that you got lost in the mist, and being sent back to a nearby rock outcrop. So let’s get right into dissolving the fog surrounding this mist-ery!


Genshin Impact A Trip Through Fog and Wind Guide


The way to finding the solution to this sidequest is actually a bit hidden, requiring you to drop inside of a break in the wall of a tall mountain near the Twinning Isle.


Once you’re actually down in that hole, you’ll be near a breakable wall. It’s a bit difficult, so when it doubt, just swing a claymore around for a bit, you’ll find it. Once the rocks are shattered, you’ll see a little hidden study with a journal detailing the secret to traversing the mist.

The journal states that you’re going to need to wait until 10 in the morning, and your window will extend to 2 in the afternoon, but no later. So wait at the designated spot on your map until that time, then you should see a little green trail over the water.

Take your journey slowly, boosting will just get you off-track. I kept at a steady pace and had more than enough time to spare. Occasionally you’ll come across spots where the green trail goes right through some rocks. Don’t worry, you can veer from the path a bit to get around and not be penalized for it. You’ll know when you get to the end there when the skies finally clear and you can see sunlight.

Once you’re on the island, there’ll be three Luxurious Chests, ripe for the picking and chock full of delicious loot, as well as netting 20,000 Mora, 300 Adventurer XP, and 40 Primogems for completing the quest! In addition, a couple Common Chests will be nearby, along with one of the murals for the sidequest The Other Side of Isle and Sea. If you want to know more about that quest, check that out here!

That’s all for this little foray into the misty unknown, stay tuned for more guides to Genshin Impact! This is Cory from HPP signing off!

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