E3 2021: New Assassin’s Creed Expansion Siege Of Paris Revealed And More

Paris Is Not So Gay When Being Besieged!

Siege of Paris

What’s in store for Avor? In November 2020 Ubisoft released AC Valhalla. It was the biggest launch for any Assassin’s Creed game. Avor and his clan of Vikings fight for a new home in England. Since the release, Ubisoft have released new side stories. With over 300 million raids and 100 million buildings in settlements, Ubisoft have been overjoyed to see player’s dedication to their world.

Avor has still has a long journey ahead, though.

Since release, there have been time limited festivals events and now quests and river raids update. The community has requested new additions, and Ubisoft have listened. One handed swords will soon be available. They’ve been working hard tackling the known issues on forums and shared bug fixing progress. They say thank you for patience and support.  While the first expansion focused on exploring Ireland and tackling a strange cult, the new expansion is Siege of Paris, based on the most ambitious battle of Viking history. Uncover enemy secrets and form strategic alliances to safeguard clan’s future.

The Siege of Paris will also mark the return of the Black Box Infiltration missions, where players will have an pen-ended choice of best way to assassinate their target. Siege of Paris is coming this summer. Exploration of history. There’s a new discovery tour, which is free to all. It will allow players to follow everyday people like monks and farmers in their daily lives to get exclusive rewards in AC: Valhalla. Discovery Tour: Viking Age was designed in co-operation with historians and archeologists, and this is a non-violent interactive learning experience, so it should be ideal for teaching kids about history!

If for whatever reason you aren’t intedning to get AC: Valhalla then the standalone version of the Discovery Tour: Viking Age will be available via Uplay PC for $19.99 USD.

Check out the new trailer below:

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