Genshin Impact Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown Guide

Lost at Sea


Hello Travelers! Cory from HPP, here to give you a helpful guide for the first foray into the Golden Apple Archipelago! So let’s dig right into our Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown guide for Genshin Impact.

The overall event of the Midsummer Island Adventure consists of four acts. The only one available as of now is the first act, but before we can get to that, you’ll need to do the quest that gets you to the islands in the first place.


Genshin Impact Journey to the Unknown Guide


The main quest, in Teyvat, is mostly running around talking to people. In case you’ve missed the local bomb squad, she’s returned with a cryptic letter and a few tears to shed. Head on over to the Favonius HQ, and you’ll see her standing outside her door. Head to her, and a cutscene will begin.

Once you’re done with that, you’ll need to talk to Cyrus, Margaret, and Huffman, before finally being led over to the Library to talk to Lisa. Mosey on that way, talk to her, and then you’ll be directed, yet again, over to talk to Jean. Once you’re past that cutscene, you’ll be tasked to wait a day and meet in the square near the Church at any time between 12:00 and 18:00.

After another cutscene, you’ll need to talk to Venti by Windrise. Recruit him for this jolly adventure, and he’ll have his favorite pet escort you over to the islands.



When you arrive at the islands, you’ll find yourself on Pudding Island, which is the south-eastern one. You’ll notice there’s a Waypoint you can unlock, and further down, a Resurrection Gate, since there’s no Statue of the Seven Here.



If you ever decide you need to leave the islands, you can do that from the same menu you use for the Serenetea Pot and normal Teyvat

Splittin’ Waves



When you head down during the main quest for the islands, you’ll notice there’s a special waypoint just for the Waverider. You’ll need to activate these first before you can use them.


Journey to the Unknown Guide


Should you ever lose your Waverider or need to navigate to another island quickly, you can quickly summon your Waverider, free of charge, to any of the Waverider Teleporters that you’ve unlocked.

You’ll need to use the interact key to get in the Waverider. It comes with a boost, light cannon, and heavy cannon. The light cannon is quick-firing, while the heavy cannon has a longer cooldown of 15 seconds. You can eject yourself from the Waverider at any point to get a bit of glide time to reach islands.

The Waverider’s health will be at the bottom of the screen. It does regenerate when enough time has passed since it was last damaged and can even continue regenerating when you’re not in it. You’ll rarely take enough damage to risk losing it, but be warned that if you do get it destroyed, you’ll be auto-ejected from it. You can always teleport another one to you from one of the Waverider Teleports.




Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown Guide


When you first get to the islands, it’s going to be extremely foggy in areas you haven’t uncovered. Your first mission is to activate all of the Waypoints. There’ll be three to unlock, one each in the Minacious Island, Twinning Island, and the Broken Island. To help guide you, you can find little buoys that will light up as you approach them. They’re also visible on your minimap, and should you ever become lost, your marker on the minimap will pulse as you get closer to a buoy. That said, you don’t necessarily need to follow them. Just head in the direction of the Waypoints, and you’ll arrive at the islands soon enough.

As you unlock waypoints, the fog will lift over the area. Once you’ve unlocked all four Waypoints, you’ll be able to see the entire area clearly. After that, a little cutscene will play, showing you the magnificence of the islands in their full, fog-free beauty.


That’s all there is to it!  Thanks for checking out our Mysterious Islands: Journey to the Unknown guide for Genshin Impact. Join us again here in the near future for more Genshin Impact information and guides! Stay safe splitting the waves, Travelers!

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