Genshin Impact Midsummer Island Adventure Act 1 Challenge Guide

Main Cannons, Make Ready…Fire!

Hello Travelers, Cory from HPP here to show you the details on how to complete Genshin Impact’s first Midsummer Island Adventure challenge for Genshin Impact’s Midsummer Island Adventure!

Let’s get right to it! Once you get done with the main quest to reach the islands and uncover the waypoints, the first challenge will be unlocked on the event screen for the Midsummer Island Adventure. The rewards for this event will be both in the Event Shop and through the small Quests, you can find by clicking on the icon for the first Act.

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The rewards you can redeem at the Act Challenge’s icon and their costs are as follows:

  • Crown of Insight (x1): 500 Shiny Floatsam
  • Northlander Billet Trove (x1): 500 Shiny Floatsam
  • “A Guide in the Summer Woods” Blueprint (x1): 100 Shiny Floatsam
  • “A Messenger in the Summer Woods” Blueprint (x1): 100 Shiny Floatsam
  • “Pure Gorgeous Summer” Blueprint (x1): 200 Shiny Floatsam
  • Philosophies of Freedom (x2): 50 Shiny Floatsam each
  • Philosophies of Ballad (x2): 50 Shiny Floatsam each
  • Philosophies of Resistance (x2): 50 Shiny Floatsam each
  • Philosophies of Gold (x2): 50 Shiny Floatsam each
  • Philosophies of Prosperity (x2): 50 Shiny Floatsam each
  • Philosophies of Diligence (x2): 50 Shiny Floatsam each


Camper Crisis

For the first challenge, you’ll be going around the outlying Hilichurl encampments and eliminating all of the Hilichurls there to obtain Shiny Floatsam. Each conquered encampment gives 200 Shiny Floatsam. You can do this solo or with a friend who’ll have their own Waverider. There are two different kinds of fortifications that will be at these encampments, platforms, and barricades. If you’re ever unsure if you can destroy something, get near it and fire your rapid-fire cannon. When you see the shots home in on something, even if you’re facing a different direction, it’s destroyable. Platforms, when destroyed, will keep Hilichurls from spawning on them. Barricades are mainly just to make it a bit more difficult to navigate and get closer to the fortifications.

Be wary of whirlpools as they’ll drain health and stamina.



Midsummer Island whirlpool



There’ll also be Violent Wind Barriers that will keep you from getting close to the encampments.


Genshin Impact Challenge, Barrier


Whirlpools will only ever be up to three at a time, while the Violent Wind Barriers will only go up to two at a time. Navigating around the whirlpools is easy, but if you happen to wander into them, they’ll damage your health and stamina. Also, there are little icons that look like green clocks, called Pithy Pearls, which you can pick up to decrease the big cannon’s cooldown.


Midsummer Island Adventure Challenge Guide, pithy pearl


As for the Violent Wind Barriers, they are created from Anemo Samachurls, either inside the barrier or nearby. If you kill the Samachurl or blow up the barrier with cannon fire, the barrier will vanish. If the Samachurl is inside the Barrier, you’ll need to destroy it by shooting nearby explosive barrels with cannon fire.

Having trouble taking down some of the encampments? A bit of advice, use Anemo characters such as the Traveler, Sucrose, Jean, or Xiao to yeet any poor Hilichurls into the ocean blue. Still, having trouble getting knocked off yourself? Consider using a shield character such as Noelle, Diona, or Xinyan to soak up any damage that would otherwise capsize you.

Location, Location, Location

A total of four different spots are available for the encampments, each with different whirlpools and barriers. The challenge will cycle through these, so take your time going through them and make sure to keep an eye on the optional quests the act will give you rewards for. The gallery below will show where all of the locations are located and what each location will have enclosed in the captions.

That’s all for this Midsummer Island Challenge Guide! The rewards for this event will be both in the Event Shop and through the small Quests, you can find by clicking on the icon for the first Act. Board the captain’s seat, find some Hilichurls to yeet, and this challenge won’t take long at all to beat! This is Cory from HPP, signing off!

Confused about where to start with Genshin Impact‘s newest adventure? Check out our guide for the introductory quest to 1.6 too!

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