[Rumor] More Genshin Impact 1.6 and 1.7 Leaks Surface

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Hello everyone, Cory from HPP here, with some recently found rumors and leaks (reaks? lumors?) for Genshin Impact. As usual, take absolutely everything here with a grain of salt, and be mindful of spoilers. While some of these may turn out to be completely real as of now, the actual release is always subject to change.

We’ll start in on some leaks for a 4-star Anemo claymore user named Sayu!

Genshin Impact, new character, Sayu

Source: (https://www.reddit.com/r/SayuMains/comments/nawujv/sayu_the_tanuki_ninja_from_inazuma_anemo_claymore/)

This mini-Tanuki ninja has been running around the rumor mill since several patches ago, but we’re starting to see more and more details come to fruition here. We have some lighting rigs for her that you can view here, general models, and a couple of possibilities for her abilities!


Genshin Impact, 1.7, Sayu, Sayu abilities, leaks, rumors

Source: (https://www.reddit.com/r/SayuMains/comments/np9tgc/latest_sayu_leak_looks_like_she_is_a_healer/)

A new Anemo character would be more than welcome since the last one we got was Xiao back during the Lanturn Festival in February, and we don’t have any four-star Anemo characters besides Sucrose. If our new ninja loli really comes out the way we’re seeing, she’s gonna be a rolly-polly ball of cuteness, and with an ability to heal, she’ll find a comfy home in many players’ teams.

Next up, a recently posted video claims to be the official English translation of Kazuha’s dialogue, courtesy of the well-known Genshin Impact leaker, Project Celestia. It certainly sounds just like him, poetic and proper, and his words certainly sound authentic.

I’ve also found some leaks from Lumie showing off the four-star characters for Kazuha’s banner. All of that info is based on current trial data, so assuming miHoYo doesn’t change things down the road, everyone that missed out on Rosaria can look forward to seeing her return!

Genshin Impact, 1.7, 1.7 banner, Kazuha, Kazuha Banner

Source: (https://twitter.com/lumie_lumie/status/1397661928105955333)

We even have a possible new weapon as well! The design is so elegant, the purple shading really hitting that Inazuma vibe.

Genshin Impact, 1.7, leaks, rumors 1.7 Weapons,

Source: (https://twitter.com/projectcelestia/status/1392595897414995977/)

Adding to that, we get to look into some new furniture and new dialogue for the companions in response to your player home!



Courtesy of Sukuna, we have some insight into some of the dialogue your companions will have with you regarding things that are in your home. Keep in mind that, even though none of these are official, they would be considered spoilers on the chance that they are legit and going to be featured in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact, 1.6, player housing, dialogue, Hu Tao

Source: (https://twitter.com/SsukunaaA/status/1400742928507564035)

Genshin Impact, 1.6, player housing, dialogue, Lisa

Source: (https://twitter.com/SsukunaaA/status/1400803082506629125)

Authentic, miHoYo originals? Or excerpts from a fanfic? Only time will tell!

Moving on, there’s a very…peculiar set of furniture coming out that bears a striking semblance to Google, leaked by Project Celestia. Whether this is just a playful nod or reference isn’t known, but it’s hard not to make the correlation to the search engine overlord.

Genshin Impact, 1.6, 1.7, leaks, rumors, furniture, player housing

Source: (https://twitter.com/projectcelestia/status/1400128084704206849/)

Genshin Impact, 1.6, 1.7, leaks, rumors, furniture, player housing

Source: (https://twitter.com/projectcelestia/status/1399919839142154243/)

Lastly, a whole load of furniture for 1.6’s Midsummer Adventure has been leaked by Project Celestia! Check out the gallery below to see what all goodies you might be able to stick in your player house!


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