Here’s Everything We Know About Dying Light 2 So Far

Today’s explosive Dying Light 2 showcase is proof positive that good things come to those who wait


For a game announced all the way back in 2018, surprisingly little is known about Dying Light 2. Well, at least that was the case until today. The sequel to Wroclaw, Poland-based developer Techland’s 2015 parkour-focused horror RPG was supposed to release in early 2020. However, the title was delayed indefinitely last year to allow the studio more development time to fulfill its vision.

Thankfully, it looks like the studio put that extra time to good use. Today, Techland offered fans of the series a glimpse at what’s in store in this long-awaited sequel in a live stream on their official Twitch channel. This extended showcase was packed with new information on the setting, factions, and how the player can shape Dying Light 2‘s perilous, post-apocalyptic world.

Without further ado, here’s everything we know about this hugely anticipated sequel.


Welcome to Villedor 

Dying Light 2 Villedor skyline

UV light is one of the few things that can keep you safe from viral monsters.



Dying Light 2 takes place 20 years after the events of the previous game. After the outbreak ravaged Harran, the city was isolated and turned into an exclusion zone. The nightmare didn’t end there, though. Taking a note from the Umbrella Corporation, scientists continued to work in secret to modify the virus for use with military applications.

Of course, this went about as well as you’d expect. And by Christmas of 2021, the virus escaped a lab near Geneva and spread like wildfire across the globe, wiping out 98% of the world’s population. To destroy the hordes of viral monsters, the world’s powers unleashed a potent chemical weapon. The problem is, the toxin seeped into the soil and water supplies, killing all organic life on the ground level. This forced the survivors to take refuge high up above in rooftop settlements while the creatures that remained began to mutate and evolve in terrifying ways.

15 years later, the city of Villedor has become humanity’s last sanctuary. It’s a walled metropolis dominated by 3 factions, all vying for control of the city and its resources. You assume the role of Aiden Caldwell, a survivor who arrives in the city searching for someone from his distant memories. Shortly after arriving in Villedor, Aiden joins forces with the Night Runners, a group comprised of former Special Forces members who became sick of the army’s cynicism. They work to assist humanity during the night when the infected leave their nests in search of prey.


Dividing By Factions

Dying Light 2

UV light is one of the few things that can keep you safe from viral monsters.

While undoubtedly important to the game’s plot, the Night Runners aren’t the only collective looking to scrape by in Dying Light 2‘s world. Like its predecessor, you’ll have to work with the various factions and their colorful leaders to progress through the story.

There are three main factions in Dying Light 2. The Survivors are trying to adapt and cultivate the ruined world in hopes of restoring humanity. On the other hand, the Peacekeepers are comprised of former military and law enforcement with totalitarian tendencies. Lastly, the Renegades are a ruthless gang of criminals who want to wrestle control of the city.

As you make your way through Dying Light 2, the world will be shaped by the decisions you make and the factions you choose to ally yourself with. For example, you can restore utilities like water and power and appoint them to different factions. Depending on who you allocate these resources to, you’ll be rewarded with new ways to get around the game’s world, such as zip lines, trampolines, and more.

Not only will your alliances grant you new ways to explore the world, but they’ll also impact the game’s story and endings. During the live stream, the developer stressed they want to make Aiden “a complex and multidimensional character.” It’ll be interesting to see just how much your choices can impact the overall narrative when Dying Light 2 releases later this year.


The Duality of Dying Light 2

Dying Light 2 spear

Gonna need a bigger truck.

Like the previous game, Dying Light 2′s world changes drastically from day to night. During the day, while the infected are sleeping, you’ll be able to take on quests, interact with NPCs, and battle bloodthirsty bandits who lurk off the beaten path. However, the world becomes a much more dangerous place when the sun goes down and the infected leave their nests within caves and buildings. While you might be tempted to wait for the sun to rise before exploring the land, you’d be missing out. With their lairs emptied while they hunt for flesh, it’s the perfect time to sneak into these nesting grounds to rummage for valuable supplies and upgrades.

Free-running exploration was a cornerstone of Dying Light’s design that really helped the game stand out when it was released six years ago. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that it remains a major focus of the sequel’s experience. Dying Light 2‘s entire map, which comprises two zones with numerous regions, is a multi-layered open-world with a focus on verticality.  To help players navigate this sprawling, labyrinthine world, Techland doubled the number of parkour moves in the game. The end result is a game featuring a staggering 3,000 animations for the parkour maneuvers alone. That said, if Dying Light‘s unique blend of survival mechanics and high-flying action got its hooks in you, this sequel’s dizzying array of death-defying maneuvers should be a real treat as you leap, dropkick, and wall-run around the game’s ruined metropolis.


Fight Or Flight

Dying Light 2 melee

That’s gonna leave a mark.


During today’s presentation, the developer stressed that Dying Light 2‘s combat is meant to be fun, satisfying, and well-executed while still being tactical. Whether you want to beat the snot out of ghouls with your melee weapons or take the stealth approach by sneaking around and slashing throats or pulling unsuspecting bandits from ledges and watching them plummet to their death, the world is your blood-soaked, mutant oyster. Sadly, there are no guns or vehicles in the game this time around. We did, however, get to see Aiden dispatch a handful of enemies with a silent but deadly bow and arrow, which looked incredibly satisfying.

With bandits and monsters around every corner, it never hurts to bring a few friends along to watch your back. Thankfully, Dying Light 2 supports cooperative play for up to four players. Of course, rolling into the ruins of Villedor with a full squad and taking the fight to hordes of infected sounds like a blast. But what’s equally exciting is being able to hop into your friends’ worlds to see how their own unique choices have shaped the city.

Lastly, we learned that Dying Light 2 will be releasing on December 7, 2021. There are three retail editions available to pre-order right now: Standard, Deluxe, and Collector’s, as well as three digital editions: Standard, Deluxe, and Ultimate. You can see what’s included in each of these packages here.

Well, I think we’ve gone over all of the major stuff revealed today. By now, you probably want to get a look at what’s in store for yourself, am I right? If so, you’re in luck. You can watch the extended gameplay reveal trailer below:

It’s been a long time coming, but Dying Light 2 looks like it could be well worth the wait. After today’s showcase, I can say without question that this sequel is one of my most anticipated games of 2021.

What do you think? Are you looking forward to exploring Villedor from top to bottom to uncover the secrets of your past when the game launches this December? Be sure to let us know in the comments section.

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