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Postcards From Lental

Part of the joy of New Pokémon Snap was exploring the diverse Lental region. And though I got to cover a lot in my review, there were still plenty of photos I couldn’t share. Which is the reason I came up with the idea for this, my New Pokémon Snap Postcards From Lental feature. Here I’ll share a handful of images from each of the different corners of Lental, showcasing my fondest memories. Fair warning, this will reveal some late-game areas. So if you want to avoid any potential surprises, beat the game before reading this.

Postcards From Lental | Nature Park

It all started in Florio. I got to meet Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita at the Research Camp atop a Nature Park. An ideal setting for beginning my adventure. There were plenty of wild creatures to photograph, ranging from gigantic Bouffalant to angry Pinsir and even docile Bidoof. But the one that grabbed my attention was the mischievous Scorbunny.

The adorable little fire starter loved to hide behind other pokémon, racing around gleefully. I took great pride in capturing this moment above, showing how fierce the little fire rabbit can be. Later on, I spent some time wandering the camp and found this darling Meowth all conked out.

Postcards From Lental | Research Camp

After I left Florio, I put on my bandana and explored the damp and bustling jungle region of Belusylva. Founja Jungle was a particularly attractive little biome, full of prowling Liepard, lazy Slaking, and all manner of Bug and Grass pokémon. One of my favorite moments was watching a Quagsire play with a Wooper, who was eager to escape the heat in the cool waters below.

Postcards From Lental | Founja Jungle

Not to be outdone, Belusylva also harbored a well-hidden section called Elsewhere Forest. At first, all I could see was fog, but then it opened up to reveal several wonders. There were plenty of ghostly Trevenant, fierce little Pancham, and even a well-camouflaged Kecleon. But one moment that I still think back on fondly is when I caught a timid Espurr by surprise.

Postcards From Lental | Elsewhere Forest 1

When the fog receded for a moment, I caught an awe-inspiring vision of Sawsbuck, king of his domain. I wasn’t about to anger the proud pokémon, and quietly rode past in my trusty NEO-ONE.

Postcards From Lental | Elsewhere Forest 2

Though I don’t want to ruin the surprise of which pokémon reigned supreme in the Elsewhere Illumina Spot, I did find this calm Lotad there. It had no idea I was around, so I just quietly took my photograph and continued on. I couldn’t resist a photo of that tranquil, glittering water.

Postcards From Lental | Elsewhere Illumina

Speaking of water, there were gallons of it on my next stop – sunny Maricopia! This section married the beach with the fresh waters and everything underneath. Blushing Beach is where I began, and it didn’t disappoint. There were coquettish Bellosom dancing to the music and goofy Exeggutor parading past on the sand. And though seeing Alolan Raichu surfing isn’t that unusual, this photo was. The look of total surprise, with their ears perked up, made my day.

Postcards From Lental | Blushing Beach

Not to be outdone, Maricopia Reef was delightful. Wingull did arcs through the sky as Wailords burst from the waters in greeting. I even found a whirlpool inhabited by a Magikarp. What I didn’t expect was seeing a Pelipper open its beak wide as a Pyukumuku greeted me from within. Quite a day at the beach!

Postcards From Lental | Maricopia Reef

Lastly, it would do an injustice to Maricopia, not to mention the Lental Seafloor. Thanks to the NEO-ONE, I literally got to swim with the fishes. Here Luvdisc would float by as Cradily danced between kelp strands. Clawitzers would have fun shooting bubbles at each other as Qwilfish blew up to their most intimidating size. But the best was saved for last. As I neared the end of my expedition, I caught an image of the morning sun shining above as a Tentacruel watched a school of Mantine swim by.

Postcards From Lental | Undersea

Voluca brought the heat, with long stretches of desert and the blistering heat of volcanos. First, I stopped by the Sweltering Sands. Wild Cacnea would roll past alongside Sandshrew, just as witless Skorupi got swept up by dust devils. As night fell, Minior would burst from the sky and light up the darkness. But I think my favorite photo was of Mandibuzz as it zoomed by overhead, looking for its next meal. Thankfully that wasn’t me!

Postcards From Lental | Sweltering Sands

As if that wasn’t hot enough, my next expedition took me to Fireflow Volcano. It was full of blazing hot Fire types, tons of Rock types, and even some surprises like Shinx and Altaria. I first got a handle on how hot it truly was when I took this steamy photo of a Slugma casually strolling along a stretch of lava.

Postcards From Lental | Fireflow Volcano 1

If Fire types don’t do it for you, then you’ll love this next photo. I got a great shot of a Tyrantrum earning its name by angrily yelling at another pokémon. I’m just glad its anger wasn’t directed at me, cause the NEO-ONE might not have been able to survive.

Postcards From Lental | Fireflow Volcano 2

Finally, my time in the hot seat culminated in this great photo of Typhlosion. I had tossed a Fluffruit to get its attention, and it engulfed it with Flamethrower! Though I tend to prefer Water types, I have a newfound respect for this hotheaded Fire starter.

Postcards From Lental | Fireflow Volcano 3

As my journey in the Lental region neared its conclusion, I found myself in frigid Durice. Where Voluca was full of fire, Durice was glittering with frost. As such, there were a lot of Ice pokémon in Shiver Snowfields. Sweet Furret would run by as Beartic and Swinub foraged for food. At night time, I saw some inquisitive Piplup, and even Jynx and Glaile. And though there were roving bands of Mightyena yelling and howling everywhere, I loved this calm photograph of an otherwise aggressive pokémon.

Postcards From Lental | Shiver Snowfields 1

I got a brief detour from all the cold in Outaway Cave. Though still located in Durice, it was a haven for Poison, Rock, Ghost, and Bug type Pokémon. Crobats would soar by while Rampardos would bonk heads and make a big scene. Of special note was a particularly tricky pokémon. Gengar loved playing tricks and disappearing. But I managed to take this illuminating shot right before it could make good on its getaway!

Postcards From Lental | Outaway Cave 1

As I neared the end of Outaway Cave, I got another good photo. A Mawile was holding court and showing how fierce the Steel / Fairy can be. I’m just amazed how one pokémon can be both elegant and terrifying at the same time.

Postcards From Lental | Outaway Cave 2

The last part of my Lental journey was Aurus, most notably the Ruins of Remembrance. I won’t spoil all the mysteries I unearthed there, because every budding adventurer owes that to themselves. But what I will do is spend some time talking about the wonderful pokémon I found therein. Though there were all manner of different species, I found lots of Psychic, Ghost and even Fairy pokémon. One special moment I recorded was Noivern letting loose a deafening screech.

Postcards From Lental | Ruins of Remembrance 1

Not to be outdone, one Sigilyph was hounding me in the Ruins. I could tell it wanted some love and attention, so I took this photo of the majestic Psychic type.

Postcards From Lental | Ruins of Remembrance 2

Finally, I’m happy I got this shot of a Golurk standing guard with an adorable Natu sleeping on its shoulder.

Postcards From Lental | Ruins of Remembrance 3

And there you have it. I hope you enjoyed my Postcards From Lental. It’s a gorgeous region and one dying to be photographed to the utmost. Here’s hoping everyone can buy a ticket to travel there sooner than later!

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