How to Unlock the New Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Apex Monster Hunts

Itching to track down the new Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Apex Monster hunts? Then you’ve come to the right place!


Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Apex Monster Hunts


***The Apex Monster Guide for the Monster Hunter Rise 3.0 update can be found here!***


The release of Monster Hunter Rise may have only just happened a little over a month ago, but, much like its monsters themselves, this game shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Just last week, Capcom bestowed upon its players a free 2.0 update, featuring two new Apex Monsters and new chances to hunt old Apex Monsters. These hunts, however, didn’t just immediately pop up for players to take on whenever they’d like. In fact, you won’t start unlocking them until you reach Hunter Rank 8. And, even then, you still won’t unlock all of them at once!

Not knowing which foe you’ll be facing next and when can be kind of frustrating—trust me, I know. Fortunately, we here at Hey Poor Player have compiled a list detailing just that to help those wanting to know what’s in store for them before they get there! And, considering that you’re already here, you’re probably one of those people, too—so keep on reading to get the scoop on the new Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Apex Monster hunts before you set out yourself!


Apex Azuros


Apex Azuros


Yes, I’m aware that Apex Azuros isn’t a new Apex Monster. But it did receive its own quest in the 2.0 update! Upon reaching Hunter Rank 8, you’ll unlock the quest “The Avaricious Apex Azuros.” But what does this mean, exactly? Well, while Apex Azuros—alongside every other Apex Monster—was originally only available via Rampage Quests, this quest allows you to hunt Apex Azuros like you would any other monster!

Serving as an introductory monster, there isn’t much about Apex Azuros that helps differentiate it from its regular counterpart aside from the fact that it hits harder and faster. So long as you’re careful (which you should always be in this game), this not-so-little bear should go down eventually.


Apex Rathian


Apex Rathian


Like Apex Azuros, Apex Rathian is a previously Rampage-only encounter that can now be hunted normally—provided you meet the proper criteria. Unlocking the chance to go toe-to-toe with this borderline-demonic variant of the Queen of the Land requires that you first reach Hunter Rank 40  (although you can join other people’s hunts as early as HR 8) and complete the HR 40 Urgent Quest “The Emperor of Flame.” Upon doing so, you’ll unlock Apex Rathian’s quest, “The Graceful Apex Rathian.” Easy, right?

No, of course, it isn’t easy—and neither is hunting Apex Rathain. While her movements are largely the same as the regular Rathian, Apex Rathian has the ability to shoot poisonous spikes into the ground, which radiate poisonous gas. Additionally, Apex Rathian’s poison is so potent and plentiful that she can throw the poison leaking from its tail at players, and has the ability to inflict Venom, a stronger version of Poison, on those unlucky enough to get drenched by it.


Apex Mizutsune


Apex Mizutsune


Everyone’s favorite enraged bubble dragon, Apex Mizutsune, also gets its own quest. Unfortunately, those of you wanting to hunt it right away will have to wade through some other quests first. Once you finally hit Hunter Rank 45, however, you’ll finally have access to the wonderful-yet-terrifying Apex Mizu “The Harlequin Apex Mizutsune.” And, as always, you can prematurely hop into other people’s Apex Mizu hunts so long as you’re at least HR 8.

Apex Mizutsune is by far the most unique Apex counterpart among the bunch. Not only does it have new ways to spread bubbles around, but its bubbles are now explosive. So much for soap, huh? While Apex Mizu still isn’t the hardest fight in the game, hunting this enraged monster takes both time and effort.


Apex Rathalos


Apex Rathalos Rise 2.0 Apex Monster


Apex Rathalos may have missed the launch of Rise, but it’s finally here as the first of two Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Apex Monster hunts. Unfortunately, your choices for hunting this version of Monster Hunter‘s original flagship monster are rather limited. In fact, you can only hunt it in Hunter Rank 8 Rampage Quests.

Following its land-loving counterpart’s footsteps, Apex Rathian is a bigger and badder version of its non-Apex self. Rathalos has always loved breathing fire, and Apex Rathalos is no different. In fact, it loves breathing fire so much that its fire-based attacks have received a significant boost, allowing them an increased area of effect, more attack power, and, depending on the attack, explosive properties. Man, what is it with 2.0 and explosions?


Apex Diablos


Apex Diablos Rise 2.0 Apex Monster


The second, and final, new 2.0 Apex Monster, Apex Diablos, currently reigns supreme at the top of the Apex Monster food chain. Sadly, much like Apex Rathalos, Apex Diablos can only currently be hunted within the Hunter Rank 8 Rampage Quests for now. Ah, well, at least it’s here!

In terms of its combative abilities, the thing that sets Apex Diablos apart from the regular Diablos (which feels like a bit of an oxymoron) is the fact that these monsters really enjoy burrowing and attacking players from underground. There aren’t any explosions this time, though! Hooray for small miracles! Aside from that, not much has changed. Except for, you know, the fact that it’s stronger, faster, and has more HP. But is that really all that special when every Apex Monster can boast those same things?


Time to Flex on those Apex (Monsters)


Apex Azuros 2


What? We’re done already? Well, seeing as how we’re at the final section, I guess we are. What did you think of our guide going over the new Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Apex Monster hunts? Will you be tracking these lovable critters down yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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