How to Unlock the New Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Monsters

Having trouble locating the recently added Monster Hunter 2.0 Monsters? Keep on reading to find out where they are!


Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Monsters Chameleos


The release of Monster Hunter Rise may have only just happened a little over a month ago, but, much like its monsters themselves, this game shows no signs of stopping any time soon. Just last week, Capcom bestowed upon its players a free 2.0 update, featuring a smattering of new—and incredibly dangerous—monsters to hunt. These monsters, however, didn’t just pop up in quests for players to take on whenever they’d like. In fact, you won’t start unlocking them until you reach Hunter Rank 8. And, even then, you still won’t unlock all of them at once!

Not knowing which foe you’ll be facing next and when can be kind of frustrating—trust me, I know. Fortunately, we here at Hey Poor Player have compiled a list detailing just that to help those wanting to know what’s in store for them before they get there! And, considering that you’re already here, you’re probably one of those people, too—so keep on reading to get the scoop on the new Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 monsters before you have to hunt them yourself!




Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 New Monsters Bazelgeuse


Lovingly dubbed “B-52 Bomber” by the many within Monster Hunter Community, Bazelgeuse is the first of the new Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 monsters that you’ll be fighting. Bazelgeuse is Rise‘s second invasive species (the first being Rajang) and is the only newly added monster to not be classified as an Elder Dragon. Don’t let that classification fool you for a second, though—Bazelgeuse is an absolutely terrifying opponent.

Bazelguse can initially be hunted upon reaching Hunter Rank 8, in the quest “Death From Above.” While this scaly maned monster’s high HP and Attack stats are already enough to classify it as a major threat, it’s this monster’s special attacks that you really need to watch out for.

Much like the aircraft after which it was nicknamed, Bazelguse specializes in flying over hunters while dropping its explosive scales and can also scatter them while on the ground. Additionally, from time to time, ol’ B-52 will quite literally crash-land into players (and sometimes other monsters) from the sky, dealing massive damage. Be sure to always be on the lookout for hazards when hunting this monster!




Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 Monsters Chameleos


What’s big, purple, and good at taking things that don’t belong to it? Why, it’s Chameleos, the second monster on this list! The first unlockable Elder Dragon of the Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 monsters, Chameleos, is a tricky monster that overwhelms its opponents by not playing fairly. While it doesn’t rely on brute force as much as the B-52 does, Chameleos still packs quite a wallop and can easily overwhelm parties who aren’t prepared to deal with its tricks.

Chameleos is initially unlocked upon reaching Hunter Rank 20 (although you can join other people’s hunts as early as HR 8), wherein the player will receive the Urgent Request “Ancient Illusion.” Having been around for a while, many players will probably be at least somewhat familiar with how this elusive adversary works. Still, it doesn’t hurt to brush up on things, so let’s take a look at what this monster is all about.

Much like the animal upon which it was based, the highly poisonous Chameleos has the ability to become almost entirely invisible, ensuring that those who aren’t doing their best to look for it will be easy for it to beat down. Additionally, Chamelos can make the environment foggy by spraying a special mist, making it even more difficult to spot. Finally, it’s important not to get hit by Chameleos’ tongue-based attacks, as it can steal permabuffers from you by licking up the pollen covering your petalace. Fortunately, it’s a pretty messy eater, and you can reclaim your permabuffers (or steal someone else’s) by attacking its head, assuming there’s still pollen covering its mouth. You had best do that sooner than later, though.


Kushala Daora


Kushala Daora


Up next on the list is yet another old friend—the lithe and armor-clad Kushala Daora. In stark contrast to the first new Elder Dragon, Chameleos, Kushala Daora doesn’t really rely on tricking its opponents during fights. That doesn’t make it any easier to hunt, though—this monster has no trouble whatsoever blowing hunters away with its fearsome abilities.

Kushala Daora can first be encountered upon reaching Hunter Rank 30 (although you can join other people’s hunts as early as HR 8) during the Urgent Quest “The Steely Storm.” Being yet another long-standing Elder Dragon, many hunters will have had practice fighting Kushala Daora before. Don’t let that experience make you complacent, however. The Kushala Daora of Rise is new and improved!

As always, Kushala Daora specializes in manipulating wind pressure, allowing it to attract or repel its pint-sized opponents (which would be you!) with relative ease. Unlike its previous iterations, however, Kushala Daora can now attack with two different elements; Ice and Dragon. Its most terrifying display of its new elemental mastery is its ability to create a huge, icy vortex, which draws players in before exploding, dealing lethal amounts of damage. But, as always, you can mess with its ability to control the wind by breaking its parts.






Last, but certainly not least, we have the not-so-tasty, extra-toasty Teostra! The third and final Elder Dragon released in the 2.0 update, Teostra is easily the most dangerous new monster and can easily make quick work of hunters who aren’t properly equipped (both literally and metaphorically) to fight it.

Players wanting to duke it out with His Majesty will have to wait until they hit Hunter Rank 40 (although you can join other people’s hunts as early as HR 8) before doing so, during the Urgent Request “The Emperor of Flame.” At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Teostra’s been around for a while, meaning that many hunters will already be familiar with this ferocious foe. Even so, you should still be prepared to fight for your life.

What makes Teostra truly terrifying is its ability to create and manipulate explosions. As it moves and fights, Teostra will scatter explosive dust, whose explosions deal significant damage. It can also detonate itself (without taking damage) when angered, which does even more damage! Basically, explosions are the name of the game when it comes to Teostra, and it’s a game that Teostra is very good at playing—even more so than Bazelgeuse.


Go Get ‘Em!


Teostra 2


Well, that takes care of things regarding how to unlock the new Monster Hunter Rise 2.0 monsters. Did this guide help you out at all? Which one of these High Rank hellraisers is your favorite to hunt? Do you have a favorite new weapon or armor set? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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