‘Calico’ Game Developer Accidentally Names Baby After a 2000s Nu-Metal Band

You named your baby what?

Imagine this: after a long period of labor that seemingly stretches into days in your mind, you push a crying 8-pound object out of your body, and lose a pint or two of blood for good measure.

Barely before you can get your bearings, the nurses gently return a clean and swaddled newborn to you, a brand new mother. Then almost immediately, you’re greeted by family members eager to get their hands on their new grandchild/niece/nephew. The mood in the room is joyful despite your exhaustion: it’s crowded with family and loved ones, and soon the sounds of baby cries, cooing and delighted laughter fill the space.

Then in the middle of all this — a nurse squeezes into the room and presents you with some paperwork on a clipboard.

She wants you to review the contents of the birth certificate and sign off on it. You have 10 minutes, since the nurse has a lot to do in the maternity ward. You look around for help, but everyone is paying attention to the newborn — your partner, mom, dad, the in-laws.

Guess you’ll have to do it.  Bleary eyed through exhaustion, you squint and do your best to review the paperwork and sign off on it. You hand it back to the nurse and promptly crash into a deep sleep.

A couple of weeks pass after being discharged from the hospital, and you get a copy of the birth certificate in the mail.

Smiling, you open the envelope and examine the paperwork — then your jaw drops.

Shit. They screwed it up:

K-O-R-N.  Your beautiful baby girl’s name is KORN.  As in the 2000s Nu-metal band that delivered such classics as Freak on a Leash and A.D.I.D.A.S (‘All Day I Dream About Sex’).

Well, this is what happened in real life to game developer and new mother Kells Tate (Calico) after giving birth to her baby girl, named Kora.


Tate frantically sent out a message on Twitter:

This unleashed a cavalcade of jokes and hilarity on Twitter, most of it in good humor.




And to Tate’s credit she took it in stride:


As far as Tate could tell she had filled out the paperwork correctly, so it’s probable that a clerical error was made when staff entered the child’s name into the hospital’s computer systems.

No word yet from Korn vocalist/frontman Jonathan Davis and other band members on this inadvertent tribute bestowed upon them.

Jake Yu
Living in Southern California, Jacob is a Freelance Writer who struggles with the painful choice of either enjoying video games and watching anime (then writing about it) or enjoying the outdoors. He knows life could be worse, though.

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