41 Things to See When You Visit Tsushima, Japan

Act 2: Toyotama


(Click for Google Map: Points of Interest in ‘Toyotama’, Tsushima)


20. Himegaiyama Cannon Ruins

Himegaiyama Cannon Ruins Tsushima

via Flickr

The Himegaiyama Canon Ruins are the remains of an old Japanese military fortress was built in anticipation of the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-1905, and is also known as “The Fortress In The Sky” – much like the floating fortress of ‘Laputa’ in the Studio Ghibli film, Laputa: The Castle In The Sky.

Himegaiyama Cannon Ruins Tsushima

via Flickr

Himegaiyama Cannon Ruins Tsushima

via Flickr

The red brick construction and the thick overgrowth of trees and vines gives visitors the impression of being transported into the world of Hayao Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli.


21. Akashima

Located to the east of fictional Akashima Village in Ghost of Tsushima, the natural inlets in and around Akashima (an island connected by a bright red bridge) are well-known for their turquoise and emerald-green waters.

Get off the beaten path, and check out this beautiful and peaceful place when you visit Tsushima.


22. Mount Eboshi Observatory

The Mount Eboshi Observatory is said to be the most scenic spot on the entire island, thanks to its 360-degree, unobstructed views of all of Tsushima.

The viewing platform is about a 10-minute climb up a set of steps leading from a dedicated parking lot. A must-see when you visit Tsushima.


23. Watasumi Shrine

All the shrines in Ghost of Tsushima are fictional places designed to enhance or integrate gameplay.

But the Watasumi Shrine is a real-life shrine that is notable both for its stunning waterfront location, with two of its four Tori gates located on the water in a shallow tidal cove – and for the fact that Ghost of Tsushima fans helped crowdfund money for its repair after the shrine was damaged during a recent typhoon.

This place is well worth the visit if you visit Tsushima – it is especially beautiful at dusk/sunset.


24. Anago-tei (あなご亭) – Try Conger Eel

Located a short drive around the inlet from the Watasumi Shrine, Anago-tei is a specialty restaurant that offers mouthwatering conger eel prepared in a wide variety of ways – boiled, fried, steamed, as tempura, or as sashimi or sushi.

Anago (conger eel) is caught year-round off the shores of the island and has a higher fat content than other varieties of eel, which makes it delicious.

All items presented in a set menu style with a variety of side dishes and a pot of green tea. You can even buy meals or frozen eel to-go.



25. Mine Onsen Hotaru Hot Spring

The town of Mine (on the mouth of the Mine River) is the rough location of Jin Sakai’s (fictional) home village of Omi. There is no ‘Lake Omi’, but the roads along the perimeter of Mine Bay offer views of the water.

The town features a traditional Japanese bath house called Mine Onsen Hotaru Hot Spring, that is fed by a natural hot spring.  You can use the public baths or reserve a private/family bath in time blocks, for an additional fee.

Mine Onsen Hotaru Hot Spring Tsushima


Open: 1PM – 9 PM
Closed: Tuesdays & Fridays


26. Oumi Shūraku (青海集落) – Omi Village Overlook

Just northwest of the town of Mine is Oumi Village.

This roadside overlook (青海の里・段々畑展望所) boasts a stunning view of the seaside village, which features terraced rice paddies on the edge of a cliff that falls into the sea.

The real-life Oumi Village does not feature a lake with an island in the middle like the in-game Omi Village (the ancestral home of the fictional Sakai Clan), but it is a sleepy seaside village that is breathtaking in its own right.


27. Tsushima-kuni Ichinomiya Kaijin Shrine

Tsushima-kuni Ichinomiya Kaijin Shrine is the most important shrine on Tsushima, and is dedicated to the sea’s guardian deity, Princess Toyotama.


Check out the next page of our Tsushima travel guide for Act 3, Kamiagata.

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