How to Unlock the Sandy Plains Sub-Camps in Monster Hunter Rise

Beat the heat and make traveling a breeze by unlocking the Sandy Plains sub-camps for yourself!



Monster Hunter Rise is, quite literally, the largest traditional MonsterHunter game that we’ve seen yet. And, though more space means more opportunities for exciting encounters while out on the field, it can also make running from place to place on foot a bit of a tiresome experience. Fortunately, Rise makes traveling relatively hassle-free thanks to the inclusion of Canynes—the dog counterpart to the Palico, and fleet-footed mount—as well as sub-camps—which were first introduced in World. However, while Canynes are readily available from the get-go, players must locate sub-camps and complete a related request before being given access to them.

Fortunately, although locating some of these can be tricky, we here at Hey Poor Player will be going through each of Rise‘s unique locales in order to give you a helping hand regarding where to find each of the game’s sub-camps, and how you can go about unlocking them once discovered. Be sure to pack some Cool Drinks, beca… oh, wait, those aren’t a thing anymore. Anyway, we’re going to Sandy Plains this time!


Where to Find Sub-Camp 1


Sandy Plains Sub-Camp 1

This feels pretty out in the open… are we sure that this is safe?


The first sub-camp in Sandy Plains isn’t actually terribly far away from the main camp, but it’s still far away enough to give you an edge when you need to quickly re-supply during a hunt. Looking to locate it yourself? All you need to do is climb up the hill nestled northwest of areas 2 & 3, and south of area 7. It’s a bit of a climb, but getting up there shouldn’t pose too much trouble.


How to Unlock Sub-Camp 1


Dawn of the Kestodon Sandy Plains Sub-Camp 1

I wonder how many of these people are also trying to unlock Sub-Camp 1…?


Do you like killing small monsters? Hopefully so, because unlocking Sub-Camp 1 means completing the Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Security request! And, yes, it’s just as easy as all of the rest of them. All you need to do to claim the sub-camp for yourself is to slay eight Kestodon. While you’re free to complete this request at your leisure, I’m sure that at least some of you out there would rather have access to the sub-camp sooner than later. Fortunately, there’s a quick way to get things done!

If you’re looking to quickly kill of some Kestodon for the request, I’d suggest heading over to the Gathering hub and taking on the HR2 Quest Dawn of the Kestodon. Technically speaking the quest is a bit overkill, as it wants you to take down 15, but doubling the number of dinos that you need to down really shouldn’t pose much trouble. Also, remember that you can team up with other players if you want to get things done quickly!


Where to Find Sub-Camp 2


Sandy Plains Sub-Camp 2 Locaation

The entrance is easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled!


Sub-Camp 2 is located quite a ways away (which is a good thing, if you ask me!), and can be found north of area 8 and south of area 9, on the lower levelThe entrance is easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled, and try heading toward the small body of water on the map, south of area 9. If you’re still having difficulty finding it, you can also reach it by climbing all the way up the wall, then dropping down, though this takes proper timing and the ability to consecutively chain wallclimbing and wiredashing.


How to Unlock Sub-Camp 2


Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials

Looks like it’s off to the Frozen Islands for this one!


Finding Sandy Plains’ Sub-Camp 2 will unlock the request Sandy Plains Sub-Camp Materials, which will require you to deliver Lagombi Pelt x1 and Monster Bone M x2 to Kagero the Merchant. While it probably goes without saying, Lagombi Pelts can be acquired from a Lagombi via target rewards (22%), capturing (16%), part breaking (20%), carving, (39%), or having it drop materials (50%).

Monster Bone M can be acquired through a number of means, the easiest of which being bonepilesthrough Palico pickups, and via certain quest rewards. If you’re super-duper keen on hunting, and absolutely refuse to acquire them through any of the aforementioned means, you can also from certain monsters like Slagoth (5%), or Rhenoplos (20%). All you need to do after acquiring the necessary materials is hand them over to Kagero and he’ll take care of the rest!


Kick Back and Relax


Dawn of the Kestodon Monster Hunter Rise

More like Dawn of the… Sub-Camp 1! (Got ’em!)


That wraps it up for this guide regarding how to unlock the two Sandy Plains sub-camps in Monster Hunter Rise! Did you find this guide useful? Are you just as confused about why Sub-Camp 1 is so close to the main camp as I am? Feel free to let your thoughts be known in the comments below!

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