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cozy grove

Cozy Grove Review (PS4)

ACNH meets Spiritfarer It’s morning — historically the hardest part of my day. In high school, my alarm used to be the carpool driver’s horn honking in my driveway so I could maximize the amount of sleep I got down to the last possible second; in quarantine, I wake…

Resident Evil Village Gets A Creepy New Story Trailer

Resident Evil Village's new trailer shows off new environments and weapons while teasing more story ahead of the game's launch.

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier: Episode 5 Review

Look At Me: I’m The Captain Now!     We’re at the penultimate episode of The Falcon And The Winter Soldier episode 5. Though things are finally coming to a head, it’s hard to deny that getting here didn’t feel rushed. With a short 6 episode run, the show…

Super Rare Games Announces 5 Upcoming Titles

Get Ready For More Great Stuff From Super Rare Games   Today the good folks at Super Rare Games, in collaboration with YouTuber Nintendrew, have revealed 5 upcoming Switch games getting a Super Rare Games physical release. While you’re more than welcome to check out the trailer at the…

Ashwalkers Review (PC)

Heave lads, ho lads // forget the comforts of home, you’re a nomad. I love Frostpunk — I used to play it so much I’d get burns on my legs from my gaming laptop. The stakes were incredibly high, but there was a glimmer of hope with each small…

Clea 2 Review (Switch)

Every Bit as Good as the Last     Last year I was given the opportunity to sit down and play through the horror game Clea. It was a simple game (mechanically speaking) with an intriguing story that promised to do something that most others within its genre don’t—to…

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