How to Repair the Old Hydroculture Plant in Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town

The work is well worth it!



Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town is all about fixing up both the farm on which you live and the neighboring town after which the game is named. For the most part, repairs aren’t too hard as they typically require resources that can be found around the area surrounding whatever dilapidated structure you’re looking at. There is, however, one building that breaks this rule at least in part—the Old Hydroculture Plant. Ironically, you can access this building fairly early on, but you’ll most likely have no way of repairing it. In fact, there’s a good chance that you might not even know where to begin looking for the required resources! There’s no need to worry, though—by following this guide, you’ll have your very own Hydroculture Plant up and running in no time!


What is the Old Hydroculture Plant?


Pioneers of Olive Town Old Hydroculture Plant Repair Guide

Feel free to plant whatever, whenever!


That’s a very good question—and, not initially knowing what hydroculture was myself, it was one that I was asking, too. As it turns out, the Old Hydroculture Plant—or just the Hydroculture Plant once it’s been repaired—is essentially a self-running, season-free greenhouse. What this means for you, the player, is that you can literally plant any seed that you’d like, any time you’d like, and let the plant take care of the rest. While the seasonal gardens essentially accomplish the same thing, the fact that you can have this on your farm makes this both incredibly convenient and very worthwhile.


How do I repair the Old Hydroculture Plant?


Repair old hydroculture plant

Parting is such sweet sorrow!


This is where things get tricky. As you can see, you need four different kinds of materials in order to repair the Old Hydroculture Plant—Mirage Lumber x50, Orichalcum Ingot x50Suction Pump x20, and Olive Crystal x10. And, as I’m sure you can guess, while there may only be four resources, obtaining them all is no easy feat. So, to make things easier, let’s break things down.


How to Obtain Mirage Lumber


old hydroculture plant mirage lumber

It’s like the plant’s telling me to repair it!


The first component, Mirage Lumberis actually quite easy to obtain. When you first encounter the Old Hydroculture plant, you should see several trees growing around it. When cut, these trees provide Mirage Logs, which, when processed, turn into Mirage Lumber. They’ll grow back, albeit slowly, so be sure to come back to the area every few days.

There’s also a trick to getting more bang for your buck when it comes to processing Mirage Logs. By reaching Logging Level 10, you will receive access to the Giant Lumber Maker, which allows you to create three pieces of lumber for the price of two. While crafting these is costly in terms of resources, you can get one free Giant Lumber Maker from Town Hall upon reaching Level 10. I personally didn’t hit Level 10 by the time I finished repairing the Old Hydroculture plant, but more power to you if you do!



How to Obtain Orichalcum Ingots


pioneers of olive town hydroculture plant mining skill

You’re probably going to want to max out your Mining Skill for this.


Orichalcum Ingots may only be the second item on this list, but they are by far the most difficult to obtain. In order to obtain the ingots, you first need to process Orichalcum Ore. Unfortunately, the ore, unlike every other ore in the game, doesn’t spawn on your farm. Instead, you’re going to have to dig quite deep to find it—and I mean that very literally.

Orichalcum Ore can only be found in two locations in the game. The first location is the game’s Deepest Mine, located in the third section of your farm, specifically Floors 31 – 50 (you’ll know you’re there when the electrified moles start attacking you). Sadly, despite being ore, Orichalchum deposits don’t spawn as frequently as other types of crafting like iron or gold, but instead are about as rare as gem deposits. The second—and, if you ask me, preferred—method, is to mine for Orichalcum Ore in Stonebreaker Valley, which is automatically unlocked by reaching Mining Level 9. This is literally just a field filled with minable rocks—including Orichalcum deposits—which will entirely respawn if left alone for a few days. While it probably isn’t quite as fast as going into the mine every day, it does give you more time to hunt for orichalcum in tandem with other daily farm activities. Or, if you’re really itching to get things done, you could go to the mine and the valley every day!


pioneers of olive town hydroculture plant giant ingot maker

The Giant Ingot Maker is your friend!


As was the case with processing lumber, you can also obtain the recipe for the Giant Ingot Maker as well as a free Giant Ingot Maker from Town Hall by reaching Mining Level 10. While making one of these beauties is, again, very cost heavy, the fact that you can squeeze extra Orichalcum Ingots out of the one that you’re given for free makes maxing out the skill absolutely worth it.



How to Obtain Suction Pumps


Pioneers of Olive Town Hydroculture Plant Suction Pump

I’m not sure how this eventually leads to you learning how to make a suction pump, but whatever works, I guess!


Suction Pumps, unlike the previous two resources, aren’t things that you can find in the wild. In fact, they’re not even resources. Well, I guess they technically are in this one instance, but, normally, they’re normally used to drain ponds and lakes of dirty water. And, as you might expect, unlocking the crafting recipe for these machines requires some proficiency in the Draining Skill—or, more specifically, that you hit Draining Skill Level 5.

Of course, it isn’t just enough to unlock the recipe; you’ve also got to craft them! A single Suction Pump requires Brick x10 and Silver Ingot x5 to create—crafting 20 of them requires Brick x200 and Silver Ingot x100. Silver Ingots, like all other ingots, are created by depositing several Silver Ores into an Ingot MakersBricks, on the other hand, are created by depositing Clay—which is gathered by using your Bucket on the numerous puddles you’ll find strewn about your farm—into a Brick Maker. And the Brick Maker Recipe itself is unlocked at Draining Skill Level 3, so there’s no need to worry about missing out on that.


Pioneers of Olive Town draining

The Ancient Lake is a great place to build up Draining EXP if you can unlock it. You can also fish there!


As with everything else thus far, you can both unlock the recipe for a Giant Brick Maker and receive a free Giant Brick Maker from Town Hall by reaching Draining Skill Level 10. Because pumping water grants you skill EXP, this skill levels up relatively fast, so you might actually get here naturally by the time you’re ready to tackle repairs. If not, however, I wouldn’t lose sleep over missing out on getting this freebie.



How to Obtain Olive Crystals


Olive Crystal.

You can also buy Orichalcum Ore here, but, uh… I wouldn’t.


Now that we’ve got the complicated stuff out of the way, it’s time to finish with something easy! There are two primary ways of obtaining Olive Crystals. First, you can try your luck by draining puddles in the third section of your farm. Each section of your farm has a chance to yield treasure when a puddle is drained, and section three’s treasure pool includes the much sought-after Olive Crystal! I can’t guarantee that you’ll get all of them right away, but, seeing as how frequently puddles appear, it shouldn’t take too long before you get what you need. Hopefully.

If draining isn’t your thing, you can also opt for the route that I took—purchasing Olive Crystals in Earth Sprite Village. Each day, the Elder Sprite has a rotating lineup of goods that you can change your sprite coins for.  While the bulk of these goods are things like resources, crops, and high-level seeds, he’ll also occasionally sell treasure, like the Olive Crystal, for a very reasonable price! Seeing as how you also need Olive Crystals to repair your scooter, I’d highly suggest stocking up on them if you get the chance.


The Finishing Touch


Pioneers of Olive Town Hydroculture Plant Repair

Time to fix this thing up!


After getting all of the resources you need, all that’s left to do is walk up to the Old Hydroculture Plant and let your character do the rest! So, did you finally get around to fixing the plant yourself? Did this guide help you out any? Please feel free to leave any and all feedback down below!

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