Gnosia Kukrushka Guide

Silent but deadly

Gnosia Kukrushka Guide

While Gnosia has many interesting characters, Kukrushka is one that absolutely stands out. For one, she doesn’t speak — not a word — but she’s still able to communicate effectively regardless. With golden, curly locks and a pleasant smile, it’s hard not to think of Kukrushka as a perfect little doll. Practically angelic, everyone falls in love with her right off the bat due to her gentle, childlike demeanor. Of course, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right? Soon, that sweet façade is revealed for the saccharine farce that it is, with events taking a fatal turn very quickly…

Kukrushka’s Abilities

Gnosia Kukrushka Guide

Kukrushka’s high Charm, Performance, and Stealth makes her a formidable character, often avoiding cold sleep even if you’re sure she’s Gnosia. Another thing that makes her dangerous? She doesn’t necessarily vote for people who are suspicious — she’ll vote for people she straight up doesn’t like, even if they’re human like her. She also utilizes commands like Regret to gain sympathy, which works like a dream for her (and sucks for you if you’re sure she’s lying). Part of working around this involves identifying Kukrushka’s staunchest protectors in the debates, then either protecting them (if you’re sure she’s human) or getting rid of them (if you’re sure she’s Gnosia/Bug/AC Follower) to eventually send her off to cold sleep. It’s tricky, but it can be done!

Kukrushka’s Crew Data

Gnosia Kukrushka Guide

Searching for Kukrushka’s Crew Data information? Here’s how to get the triggering events:

Kukrushka Note 1: Very intuitive, acts on her emotions.

  • Automatically received during Loop 11.

Kukrushka Note 2: Communicates via facial expressions, body language.

  • Triggering event occurs if Kukrushka and Otome are alive at night (acquired at the same time as Otome Note 5).

Kukrushka Note 3: Not human, according to Yuriko.

  • Triggering event randomly occurs if Jonas, Kukrushka, Remnan, SQ, and Yuriko are alive at night (acquired at the same time as Jonas Note 5).

Kukrushka Note 4: When on Guard Duty with Remnan, murders everyone.

  • The “Kukrushka Incident,” occurs when Remnan and Kukrushka are both Guard Duty.

Kukrushka Note 5: Two-body autonomous doll; other body is in storage.

  • Playing as human and after acquiring Setsu Note 4, an event at the beginning of the loop will occur where you exchange information with Setsu; you’ll be told to “check the hangar”. The event will trigger at the end of the loop if Setsu, Jonas, and Kukrushka are human and still alive.

Kukrushka Note 6: Jonas’ doll; personality moves between bodies.

  • After acquiring Kukrushka Note 5, Setsu will suggest the two of you go speak with Jonas after the debates at the beginning of the loop. If all three of you manage to avoid cold sleep during the debates, an event will occur where you and Setsu will go speak with Jonas. You’ll need to do this three nights in a row, so Setsu and Jonas will need to avoid cold sleep and Gnosia attacks until you’ve both spoken with Jonas three times (acquired at the same time as Jonas Note 7).


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