Gnosia Chipie Guide

Chipie’s got a Chipie on Chipie’s shoulder

Gnosia Chipie Guide

Can I just say something real quick? Chipie weirds me out a little. Gnosia has a ton of random characters on board, but I feel like Chipie takes the cake with his whole cat thing going on. Like at first I just thought the dude really liked cats and kept a pet around all the time, but it turns out he REALLY likes cats and that cat is also him. He’s becoming a cat. And the cat at the moment has like a super long, mechanical looking neck that goes through his own neck. I mean, the future is really strange I guess, idk. Anyway so that’s Chipie for you. A crazy cat dude.

Chipie’s Abilities

Gnosia Chipie Guide

Chipie’s Intuition is pretty solid, with his Charm and Stealth following suit. This means that he can not only detect lies, but avoid the ire of both human and Gnosia long enough to convince people of them. At night, he often talks to people he trusts about who he suspects is lying, so if you feel like making friends with the crazy cat dude, he may tell you what he’s discovered. He’s a pretty balanced guy — I guess that’s on-brand for someone who is becoming a cat — who tends to land on his feet. All puns intended.

Chipie’s Crew Data

Gnosia Chipie Guide

Searching for Chipie’s Crew Data information? Here’s how to get the triggering events:

Chipie Note 1: Balanced, well-rounded personality. Perceptive.

  • Automatically received during Loop 11.

Chipie Note 2: The flesh of his neck is fused with a cat.

  • Playing as human, triggering event occurs when Chipie wins as Gnosia.

Chipie Note 3: Underwent surgery to attain the body of a cat.

  • Triggering event occurs at the beginning of a loop where both the player and Chipie are Gnosia.

Chipie Note 4: Worked as a crewmember of a freight vessel.

  • Triggering event occurs if Comet and Chipie are alive at night (acquired at the same time as Comet Note 3).

Chipie Note 5: Plans to surgically complete “felinification”.

  • Triggering event occurs at night if the player and Chipie have decided to cooperate.

Chipie Note 6: Raised in a cat-filled environment.

  • Triggering event randomly occurs if Shigemichi, Setsu, and Chipie are alive at night (acquired at the same time as Shigemichi Note 2).


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